Brad Todd
Brad Todd
Todd is the co-author of "The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics." In 2016, Todd helped lead the advertising efforts of the National Rifle Association against Hillary Clinton, the most extensive presidential campaign on the conservative side. Todd’s clients have included six U.S. senators, three governors, and more than two dozen congressmen. Todd’s firm, OnMessage Inc., is the only active firm to have beaten six incumbent Democratic senators.
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The field will be too large for party elders to manage. Now they must figure out how to maximize its impact, and the key to it is how the Democratic National Committee structures its debates.

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Trumpism is now the unregretted tattoo that altered the Republican coalition, making it edgier, more rugged, and more relentless in pursuing its policy objectives.

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There’s a chance that what ails the GOP is terminal, but to give ourselves a chance at recovery, we’ve got to move—physically.

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