Bonnie Kristian
Bonnie Kristian
Bonnie Kristian

Bonnie Kristian is a fellow at Defense Priorities. She is a weekend editor at The Week and a columnist at Rare, and her writing has also appeared at Time Magazine, Politico, Relevant Magazine, and The American Conservative, among other outlets.

2019 Caps Yet Another Decade Of Endless, Fruitless Foreign Wars

Three years gone, thousands of lives lost, tens of billions in debt-funded spending, and we’re right back where we started, with a permanent entanglement in the longest war in U.S. history.

When Trump Finally Gets Serious About Bringing U.S. Troops Home, Yemen’s A Good Place To Start

If Trump is serious about his call to change course on military intervention, he should actually bring troops home — and if he’s concerned about pushback, Yemen is the perfect place to start.

Ending U.S. War Games With South Korea Will Help Prevent War

Reducing tensions with North Korea (and saving millions of dollars in the process) is an obvious good that’s coming from Trump’s recent decision.

Why The United States Should Follow South Korea’s Lead On North Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s patient approach may be politically risky, but it is strategically safe. An unprovoked attack from the Kim regime is deeply implausible.

Now’s The Time For Dialogue With North Korea, Not Military Intervention

That the Kim Jong-un regime is oppressive is not up for debate, but the wisdom of pledging the United States to preventive military intervention in North Korea most certainly is.

Trump’s Afghanistan Plan Upends His Campaign Promises Against Perpetual War

President Trump’s Afghanistan plan is, above all, a pledge to double down on the bipartisan failures of the last decade and half, making changes only for the worse.

So Far, The Trump Administration Is Perpetuating Our Failures In Afghanistan

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is so far doubling down on a failed status quo, dragging out a strategic loss already bought at a dear cost.

It’s Long Past Time To Debate Presidents’ Authority To Wage Limitless War

The 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force has now been used by three successive presidents representing both parties to wage war without geographic or chronological limit.

We Need To Stop Backing Syrian Rebels Willing To Work With Al-Qaeda

The U.S. has spent billions in training and support for Syrian rebels—the same rebels now willing to work with the terrorists responsible for 9/11.

Report: ‘Building Democracy’ In Afghanistan Actually Built An Empire Of Corruption

U.S. efforts to remake Afghanistan in its own image fostered corruption and cronyism, a new report finds.