Brandon Finnigan
Brandon Finnigan
Brandon Finnigan

Brandon Finnigan has been covering polls and elections at the blog Ace of Spades HQ and on Twitter at @conartcritic since 2010. Between races, he shares his love of art, astronomy, and craft beer with his wife in Southern California.

Nobody Is Going To Pull A Third Party Out Of A Hat

An effective third party is not going to happen this cycle. And nobody is going to swing the 2016 presidential election to the House to decide.

With 14 Months To Go, Some Thoughts On 2016

Conventional wisdom combined with ‘Lucy footballing’ a state is stupid. Parties hungry for regaining the presidency in 2016 must be open to all possibilities.

A Most Spectacular Meteor Shower

Stay up late and look up, because the beautiful Perseids have returned!

Here’s What You’re Missing In The Night Sky

The electric era has changed our lives in many good ways, but it has had an unforeseen consequence: the slow yet steady elimination of night.

How The GOP Could Win Pennsylvania

With nearly a million untapped voters in the redder counties of Pennsylvania, we really don’t know what the GOP’s ceiling actually looks like.

Thank The Left For Presidential Candidate Scott Walker

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall was a deadly error for state Democrats and labor activists. It made a college dropout into a potential Republican rock star.

Catch A Comet! Lovejoy Is Lighting Up The Skies

Here’s a guide for beginners to finding your first comet, just as Lovejoy comes into clear view.

U.S. Senate Forecast Update: A Republican Wave A Mile Wide, But An Inch Deep?

Republicans now look likely to gain eight Senate seats in November, but their leads are slimming.

A U.S. Senate Race Refresher: GOP Still Has Edge, But Can It Hold?

With five weeks to go until the elections, here’s a rundown on how the Senate races look.

The Endangered Governors List: Democrat Edition

In 2010, Democrats picked up two open governors’ mansions and barely held onto a third. What lies in store for these embattled three?

What Would Constitute A Red Wave In 2014?

People are debating would constitute a Republican wave in the current election cycle. Here are some thoughts based on previous elections.

When All That Glitters Is Bronzer: The Curious Case Of Charlie Crist

Florida Gov. Rick Scott needed a miracle to survive 2014. In nominating Charlie Crist, Democrats may have handed him just that.

The Endangered Governors List: Republican Edition

One Republican governor won big in 2010 while two others snuck by. Four years later, their fates couldn’t be more different.

The July Forecast For November’s U.S. Senate Elections

Mixed news with this edition, as Republicans have weakened in North Carolina, strengthened in Iowa’s open seat, and we introduce a new senate elections graphic.

Can Anti-Corporatist Populism Save the GOP’s Electoral Fortunes?

A Republican Party that taps sentiment against government-business collusion can get its groove back. Here’s how I imagine the new electoral math.

Senate Forecast: The Democrats Strike Back

After months of GOP advances, Democrats have been fighting back, and polls indicate a tougher route to the majority for Republicans.

Senate Forecast: More Potential Problems For Democrats

For now, the GOP seems planted in the drivers seat. But there are unknowns at every corner.

In The Race For The Senate, GOP Is In The Driver’s Seat

The election is still eight months out. But right now, Democrats are in deep trouble.

Republicans Can Take The Senate, If They Don’t Screw It Up

If Republicans can wise up and stay focused, they are facing big gains and could take the Senate handily.

A Splash Or A Wave? A First Look At The 2014 U.S. Senate Races

With a plethora of vulnerable red-state Democrats and Obamacare’s unpopularity refusing to wane, can Republicans finally pull off a Senate takeover?