Brad Betters
Brad Betters

Brad Betters is a private practice attorney who formerly worked in U.S. and Canadian conservative politics.

Antifa’s Support For Open Borders Proves They’re Anti-American, Not Antifascist

In its attempts to defend and legitimize Antifa, the elite media has tried to claim the movement has a long ‘antifascist’ and communist pedigree, a deep historical lineage, and an ideological coherency

If We Want To Help Vulnerable Workers Post-COVID, We Must Fix Our Immigration Laws

Hopefully, as the elite rediscover the importance of national borders after the pandemic, they also rediscover what a nation-first immigration policy looks like and whom it’s supposed to serve.

‘Anti-Hate’ Southern Poverty Law Center Partner Funds Violent Canadian Antifa

It shouldn’t be a big demand for left-wing groups to disavow Antifa violence wherever it occurs and certainly not to partner with the movement or its supporting organizations.

Breathless Reports About ‘Hate Groups’ Aim To Panic Americans Into Speech Controls

The questionably sourced report was no doubt a clear enough justification for many people to continue culling speech freedoms online.