Audrey Rabenberg
Audrey Rabenberg

Audrey Rabenberg is an attorney living in Omaha, Nebraska. She obtained her J.D. from Notre Dame Law School in 2016.

Nebraska Passes Law Granting Birth Certificates For Miscarried Babies

Nebraska’s commemorative birth certificates for miscarried children respect the dignity of the unborn and validate parents’ grief.

5 Female Lawyer Role Models Who Easily Outstrip Dominatrixes

Set aside the fact that an article encouraging male lawyers to train their female colleagues into dominatrix-like submission could only be found in the deep recesses of 4chan.

The Women’s Strike Is A Self-Indulgent Day For Privileged Females

This day of demonstration assumes a set of elitist and inegalitarian privileges for participants and further marginalizes an already-marginalized group of women.