Asra Q. Nomani
Asra Q. Nomani

A former Wall Street Journal reporter, Asra Nomani is vice president of strategy and investigations at Parents Defending Education, an organization empowering parent advocates and investigating indoctrination in K-12 schools. She writes a regular newsletter, Asra Investigates, with breaking news and analysis on the frontlines of culture and politics. She can be reached at @AsraNomani and [email protected]

Across America, Parents Refuse To Be Intimidated By Biden’s Attorney General Labeling Them Domestic Terrorists

Instead of recognizing a mom as the hero that she is for protecting children from porn and pedophilia in school libraries, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has issued a declaration of war on America’s parents.

IndoctriNation: No. 1 U.S. High School Pushes Racist Activism On Students

Parents got zero prior notice to submit opt-out forms or review curriculum before students were told to watch videos claiming ‘white culture’ includes ‘individualism’ and ‘objectivity.’

Illinois School District Pays Speaker $175 A Minute To Criticize White People

Naperville School District 203 paid a diversity consultant, Dena Nicole Simmons, $10,500 for a 60-minute Zoom ‘keynote’ address last month – at a rate of $175 per minute.

Minority Parents Fight The Educrats Erasing Gifted Education In The Name Of ‘Antiracism’

‘The attack on gifted education is not only a loss for students, but it’s a loss for our country. It’s a national security issue,’ says Harry Jackson, who is suing to resist racial quotas in his son’s elite public school.

Critical Race Theory Permeates New Student Survey In Fairfax Public Schools

‘I don’t need indoctrination, I need a good solid education in math, science, non-revisionist social studies, & English. Is that too much to ask?’

Fairfax, Va. School District Spent $24,000 On Ibram Kendi Books For U.S. History Classes

Fairfax County spent $44,000 on promoting critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi for this one event—almost an entire year’s salary for a first-year teacher.