Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn

Andrew Quinn is a writer and strategist based in Washington DC. He works as a director at the American Enterprise Institute, where he coordinates the office and projects of AEI president Arthur Brooks. His writing has been published in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere; and a rock and hip-hop musician with several groups in the DC area.

Here’s The Real Case For Why Progressives Should Be Pro-Life

Far from being beyond conversion, progressives could be actually be the new blood the pro-life movement needs to make some real progress.

3 Crazy Coincidences That Could Win The Cubs The World Series

The improbable link between Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor isn’t this year’s only World Series parallel. Parallel universes are colliding all over the place.

What Kanye West Says About Jesus

Many Kanye West offerings are vulgar or downright heretical. But some tracks gesture explicitly towards faith and yearn for the triumph of the eternal.

Celebrate New Year’s With Christmas In Mind

For New Year’s resolutions, you can’t beat emulating Mary and Joseph, who rival any contemporary ‘lifehacker’ or productivity guru by living with clarity, goal-directedness, and discipline.

Four Things Conservatives Can Get Out Of Hip-Hop

Near-total ignorance about how sizable chunks of America see the world should embarrass everyone. Listening to each other’s music is hardly a big ask, especially when hip-hop kicks ass.

The Last Thing We Should Do Right Now Is Raise The Minimum Wage

Our economy’s urgent moral crisis is not insufficient returns from full-time work a minimum-wage hike can fix. It is insufficient access to full-time work.

Three Secrets For Putting Life Hacks Into Practice

Here’s a self-help prescription for your life and the body politic.

Taylor Swift’s New Single Will Make You a Worse Person

A world where everyone takes Taylor Swift’s advice and plugs his ears to all criticism is a world where being rotten person bears a much smaller social cost.

The Reaction To Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Paul Ryan’s anti-poverty proposal is a bold and courageous attempt to spark a sorely-needed conversation. If only his critics could match his courage.

Conservatives Won’t Win Millennials With Political Consumerism

A new poll depicts a politically confused Millennial generation that favors whatever cocktail of big- and small-government that gets them the most stuff.

The Hobby Lobby Case Is a Small Victory, But a Real One

Some pessimists say the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling is not a significant victory. They’re too gloomy.

Beware Of Materialism: Louis C.K.’s Lesson For Liberals And Conservatives

Both left and right owe America more than the false premise of materialism.

​One Final Note on the Starting Line of Life

Do we bite the redistributionary bullet? Or does the value we place on property rights outweigh expanding children’s opportunities?

Crony Capitalism and the Tyranny of Small Decisions

Go ahead, cronyists: Keep pretending that a conference room packed with experts beats millions of individuals navigating their small piece of the economy.

Where Is The Starting Line Of Life?

Most conservatives are not purists who reject any government role in leveling the playing field. But once we accept some redistribution, we need a limiting principle.

The Left’s Line On School Choice Is A Joke From The 1800s

Once progressives throw out social science and philosophy, only their emotional distaste for private enterprise remains.

One Simple Step Toward Making Politics Less Horrifying

You can sit passively back as your own political preconceptions take you for an easy ride, or you can retake the reins and steer your own thinking.

Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Strip Mall

The suburbs are places where paychecks are earned, conversations are shared, and the sanctification of even mundane work can transpire.

Rand Paul Just Missed An Opportunity To Prove He Isn’t Ron Paul

if Rand Paul is to separate himself from fringe, he must find opportunities to display tenacity, remind voters there many ways to tackle a crisis overseas.

The Party Of Science Has Absolutely No Clue What It’s Talking About

For years, a concerted effort has been made to intertwine scientific truth with progressive politics in the public imagination.