Alex Nowrasteh
Alex Nowrasteh

Alex Nowrasteh is the immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity. Previously he was the immigration policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Huffington Post, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and elsewhere. He has appeared on Fox News and numerous television and radio stations across the United States. He received his B.A. in Economics from George Mason University and MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics.

Why Birthright Citizenship Is Good For America

The Fourteenth Amendment’s citizenship clause granting birthright citizenship has aided immigrant assimilation in the United States.

Reducing Immigration Will Not Satisfy Trump Voters, And It’s A Bad Idea Anyway

An anti-immigration position may help a candidate win a GOP primary, but it is a hindrance once he faces the rest of the electorate.

American Conservatives Should Adopt Libertarian Immigration Policy

U.S. laws can’t compete with the laws of economics that drive mass illegal immigration.

Donald Trump on Immigration: Same Anti-Immigration Ideas, New Salesman

Donald Trump’s position paper on immigration is full of old anti-immigration arguments that have been repeated and rebutted numerous times.

Don’t Reauthorize E-Verify

E-Verify is expensive, difficult to use, and will not enforce immigration laws. It will lead to political support for a biometric national identity program.

The Economics Of Scott Walker’s Immigration Reversal

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker should shift towards the opinion of most economists and increasing numbers of Americans on immigration, not in the other direction.

The Economic Costs of E-Verify

E-Verify is supposed to make enforcing immigration law easier, but it imposes an enormous economic cost on Americans