Andrea Ruth
Andrea Ruth

Andrea Ruth is an avid observer of news and politics. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter.

23 Years Ago, Nirvana Made One Of The Best Live Albums Ever

For its ‘MTV Unplugged’ Performance, Nirvana decided to play mostly acoustic covers and deeper cuts from their albums, a stark contrast against their electric rock music.

10 Songs To Skip Now That The Beatles Are Streaming

Some songs should never have made it onto any Beatles album.

5 Ways To Deal With Holiday Food

The everpresence and overabundance of sweets and salty snacks make the holidays the best and worst of times for anyone with an eating disorder or issues with food in general.

Here’s the Thing, EPA—We Don’t Believe You

The EPA has a problem, and it’s not just that mustard yellow river in Colorado.

What A Disabled Person Thinks About ‘Transableism’

Transableism, voluntarily dismembering yourself because you feel like you were meant to be disabled, is both insulting and incomprehensible.