Addison Del Mastro
Addison Del Mastro

Addison Del Mastro is assistant editor for The American Conservative. He tweets at @ad_mastro.

Why ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Is The Best Post-1960s Christmas Tune

Perhaps ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is just a song. But it’s a remarkable one in a way, and if we were still writing Christmas songs these days, we probably wouldn’t write it again.

The Facebook Feed Has Become The Internet’s Suburban Sprawl

Expressways, neon lights, and concrete slabs might have a thing or two in common with our rising digital wasteland, littered with ads and pointless content.

How Today’s Concept Of ‘Human Rights’ Breeds Identity Politics

The language of human rights has come describe everything from domestic violence prevention to food and health care payments to employment to environmental stewardship.

No, Miss, Taking Off Your Clothes Won’t Create Social Justice

If ‘respectability politics’ is naively misguided, then so is the belief that professionalism and its attendant rules are a form of oppression or social injustice.

Social Justice Warriors Define Bigotry Down So They Can Stay In Business

Faced with the possibility that bigotry as previously defined is largely eradicated, the machinery of activism is under quite a strong incentive to remain in business.

Political Correctness Is A Tax On Communication

It takes an enormous amount of mental effort to navigate an uncertain and arbitrary set of pieties, and it raises the costs of engaging in frank, forthright, human conversation.