Abigail Shrier
Abigail Shrier
Abigail Shrier (@abigailshrier) is a writer and graduate of Yale Law School living in Los Angeles.
Ignorance Is The Charitable Interpretation Of David Hogg’s Book Title ‘Never Again’

There are many reasons our young people need to know history. Once, ‘never again’ meant something, and it still needs to.

Jill Messick’s Death At Hands Of Rose McGowan’s Internet Mob Is Why Due Process Needs To Come Back

Jill Messick had her own version of events, but she kept them to herself, because she didn’t want to undermine the #MeToo movement.

#MeToo Repels Men By Infantilizing Women With Petty Complaints

This is the latest from the #MeToo movement: women who freely enter into consensual relations with a man, or even contract, can apparently later revoke consent.