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Elizabeth Warren Is A Hamas Apologist

Elizabeth Warren
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Below is a tweet from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D, (1/32rd) Cherokee) that perfectly encapsulates the vile dishonesty of the anti-Israel leftist:

Like most anti-Israel progressives, Warren uses Benjamin Netanyahu as a convenient strawman despite knowing well that any Israeli government — actually, any responsible state — whether on the right or left, would be rooting out Hamas right now. And, indeed, every major party in that country, right or left, supports the effort to rid Gaza of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Contrary to the myth cultivated by the left since the Barack Obama “echo chamber” years, Netanyahu is an elected leader of a democratic nation, not a dictator acting without popular support or outside law.

Warren then blames Israel for not being able to release the hostages but doesn’t blame Hamas for taking them or the Palestinian civilians for holding them. Warren blames Israel for “killing” people but not Palestinians for massacring Israeli civilians. All of which says a lot about her depraved worldview.

Warren, like most of the media, relies on Hamas’ completely bogus casualty numbers. Can you imagine news organizations or American politicians passing along ISIS fatality figures with this kind of authority? We have no idea how many Gazans have been killed (though it is a good guess the number is far less) because Hamas has embedded its military and terror operations within schools, hospitals, homes, and in extensive tunnel networks under buildings. We do know that Israel does what it can to avoid civilian deaths. The “30,000” claims are meant to perpetuate the idiotic notion that Israel is engaging in genocide — just another word that has been stripped of any useful meaning.

Warren doesn’t call for a Hamas surrender. She doesn’t demand that Palestinians return hostages. What she demands is that Israel reward the people who elected, supported, and cheered on the child murders and rapists of Hamas with a new state. That would be the equivalent of Warren insisting the United States recognize and help build a new Al-Qaeda-run state in Afghanistan only a few months after 9/11. Who knows, though, maybe she would.

Never once has a “two-state solution” advanced peace. These demands end up costing thousands of lives, as in the last intifada. The problem is that all Islamic factions, progressives like Rashida Tlaib, and anti-Semites — but I repeat myself — reject the idea of a Palestinian state that does not extend from river to sea, anyway. The PLO has rejected numerous offers over the years. Palestinians don’t deserve a state. They’ve never had a state (other than Jordan, where they are ruled by an authoritarian minority “royal” family.) There are hundreds of stateless minorities. There is no reason to reward terrorism.

Hamas, incidentally, rejects and ignores ceasefires. Sometimes, I wonder if the moral nitwits marching with ceasefire signs even understand that the barbarous acts of Oct. 7 were launched during a ceasefire. Probably.

Elizabeth Warren and her allies don’t want Israel to have a blank check. They want to give one to terrorists.

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