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3 Big Covid Whoppers Fauci Confessed To Congress This Week

Fauci confirmed many of the worst fears of those in the medical community who spoke out during his reign of terror.


If Dr. Anthony Fauci thought retiring from his nearly-half-a-million dollar government position would end questions about his disastrous policymaking, he was sorely mistaken. This week, the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases faced tough questions from the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, and his answers confirmed many of the worst fears of those in the medical community who spoke out during his reign of terror.

Although his 14-hour testimony was behind closed doors, the subcommittee provided an overview of the most salient points that were covered and promised to make a full transcript available soon. Here are the three most notable takeaways and how they can be addressed moving forward.

1. They Were Not Following ‘The Science’

First, Fauci admitted that Covid-19 policies were not grounded in science, confessing that the six feet of social distancing, “sort of just appeared.” Anyone who was ordered to stand an arbitrary distance apart on a jet bridge only to be packed into a plane face to jowl had reached this commonsense conclusion long ago. But it was a stunning reversal for the man who had become so closely associated with pandemic-era policies that we were assured were “following the science.” It was also reminiscent of Fauci’s last spring’s walk back on the efficacy of masks, years after denouncing those who opted not to wear masks of, “actually propagate the further spread of infection.”

Fauci also ignored data about the role re-purposed generic drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine could play treating Covid, while pushing expensive new treatments like Remdesivir, which the World Health Organization just concluded did little to help people hospitalized with Covid and could even do harm. Ditto the role of natural immunity or herd immunity. It was always the Fauci way or the highway, and that meant vaccines.

2. Vaccine Mandates Backfired

That brings us to point two. During his congressional testimony, Fauci finally conceded that Covid vaccine mandates could make people more broadly vaccine-hesitant. Using the levers of government to force citizens to take an untested vaccine rushed to market under the banner of “warp speed” was never a wise idea. Accusing dissenters of “spreading misinformation” and subjecting them to loss of livelihood and mass ridicule compounded the error.

Fauci was right about one thing: the obsession with Covid vaccines undermined trust in public health authorities, which is crucial to any functioning society.

3. Denying Obvious Learning Loss in Children

Lastly, Fauci still refuses to accept accountability for his mistakes. He said he’s still “not convinced” lockdowns hurt kids, despite children suffering an “unprecedented drop in performance” in math and reading scores. According to the federal government, reading test scores among nine-year-olds fell to their lowest point in 30 years, while math scores fell for the first time ever. No one expects perfection from their leaders, but the stubborn refusal to look in the mirror and take responsibility is more than just arrogant — it’s harmful for the ability to fix the problem.

Moreover, reports from the subcommittee did not mention Fauci saying anything about Covid vaccine injuries, or the fact that the government’s compensation program has been a debacle.

At the end of his 40-year reign atop the bio-medical industrial complex, health care spending in the United States is far higher than other high-income countries, yet our health status as a nation is one of the worst among advanced health economies. Our life expectancy has plummeted to 76.4 years, a two-decade low. We have the highest death rates for avoidable or treatable conditions. Since 2021, excess mortality amongst U.S. citizens, especially amongst the youngest and healthiest sectors, suddenly rose to unprecedented levels not seen outside of wartime. Nowhere do we see evidence of our public health agencies investigating which of the ill-conceived Covid policies is driving this catastrophe.

Even without the pandemic, it’s clear that a change is needed. If there is a silver lining, Covid thrust many intrusive and illogical policies to the forefront. Almost everyone remembers sitting in their homes watching faceless government officials – many who had never been elected or appeared on a ballot – issue sweeping mandates with the full force of government.

Doctors who dared dissent faced numerous threatening and delicensing actions by medical boards who exercised their autonomy and freedom in treatment decisions. Our so-called “sin” was spreading “misinformation” that is now looking better by the day.

These actions have left physicians adhering to dictated treatment protocols out of fear rather than using time-honored, individualized approaches that would produce the best outcome for their patients.

Congress deserves credit for holding Dr. Fauci to account. Hopefully, this is the first in a series of hearings. He was right: public health should be guided by science, and not the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.  With time, we are learning that he was the one most guilty of adhering to the latter while ignoring the former, and this cannot happen again without more severe consequences.

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