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Meet The Leftist Consultants Spoiling Beloved Video Games With In-Your-Face DEI

Spider Man video game
Image CreditYoungRippa59/YouTube

If Sweet Baby Inc.’s fetid leftist touch is associated with a game, it must be boycotted.


Gamers the world over have noticed a troubling phenomenon in their favorite medium. Their beloved games, once full of rich stories and captivating characters, have become vessels for leftist messaging of so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion. Video games are now tools that the radical left uses to further its cause.

Those seeking someone to blame for the sudden and total absorption of gaming into the left’s sphere of influence need look no further than a single company: Sweet Baby Inc.

Sweet Baby Inc. describes itself as “a narrative development and consultation studio” whose goal is to “tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry.” The company seeks to “make games more engaging, more fun, more meaningful, and more inclusive, for everyone.”

The leftist buzzwords in the company’s manifesto raise several red flags, but looking at the games included in Sweet Baby Inc.’s consultation portfolio makes it clear how deep the woke rot goes.

Sweet Baby Inc. proudly displays games produced by some of the biggest studios in the business on its website, including “God of War: Ragnarok,” “Alan Wake II,” and Marvel’s “Spider-Man 2.”

A Racially Inclusive God of War

For “God of War,” Sweet Baby Inc. contributed to “narrative and character consultation, with an emphasis on representation.” Certain narrative and character arcs in “Ragnarok” make a lot more sense when one understands that a leftist consulting agency was involved in the process. 

More than one gamer raised an eyebrow at the revelation that in a game set among the fjords and mead halls of Viking/Scandinavian myth, one character is depicted as a little black girl. An emphasis on representation indeed, even at the cost of historical immersion.

For “Alan Wake II,” Sweet Baby Inc. consulted on “character arc, voice, and sensitivity reading.” Sensitivity reading is code for removing content leftists don’t like from a narrative, something that inevitably leads to boring and sterile writing. But Sweet Baby Inc.’s meddling with “Alan Wake II” is far more insidious than just butchering the script.

Last June, astute gamers noticed that a new trailer for “Alan Wake II” was identical to a video file included in 2016’s “Quantum Break.” The two games shared a developer, so it was clear that this was an easter egg and teaser for “Alan Wake II” years before it was released.

Blackwashing Video Games

Sweet Baby Inc. clearly got its claws on the game as it was in production. A character shown in the trailer had her skin color swapped from white to black in the final product, and her dialogue was sloppily rewritten to reflect the change.

Hidden Machine/YouTube

Saga Anderson, the secondary protagonist in “Alan Wake II,” is played by black actress Melanie Liburd, who explicitly praised the game creators for casting her as a diversity hire. “I’m excited for the world to see Saga,” Liburd said in a behind-the-scenes video teasing the game. “I think she’s a brilliant role model and just to see a woman in this role, a woman of color being a protagonist in a game that we don’t see that often.”

Notably, the games Sweet Baby Inc. consulted on are sequels to critically acclaimed initial entries. A tactic used by the radical left in its quest for total domination is to take a cherished cultural property, kill the core of what made it so beloved in the first place, and then wear the corpse like a skin suit.

Franchise Destruction

Social-justice Marxists and their ilk infect society through the destruction of the “bigoted” past to replace it with a new “inclusive” future. Case in point, Chairman Mao’s destruction of the Four Olds during the Chinese Communist Revolution.

Sweet Baby Inc. is the left’s vanguard into the gaming industry. Its insidious changes result in bad games and obliterate franchises that players have grown to love. “Alan Wake II,” though feted by critics and leftists as a worthy sequel, flopped with gamers. The game had anemic sales numbers, which leftist game journalists tried desperately to justify.

And even when the games sell well, the leftist propaganda inserted by Sweet Baby Inc. is wildly unpopular with players. “Spider-Man 2,” though it sold well on brand recognition alone, is a smorgasbord of identity politics. Butchered woke Spanish is sprinkled throughout. Every street corner of the map features swarms of LGBT pride flags. And one mission has Spider-Man set up a gay date.

Is it too much to ask to just sling some webs?

Boycotting the Sweet Baby Scourge

Sweet Baby Inc. currently operates in the shadows. While those within the industry are well aware of its malign influence on gaming, the average player is likely very confused as to why Spider-Man is asking for preferred pronouns or why the God of War seems more concerned with diversity quotas than kicking ass.

It is only through identifying the enemies that they can be dealt with. Sweet Baby Inc. should be like a kiss of death for a game. If its fetid leftist touch is associated with a game, it must be boycotted. Only by showing game developers that we will no longer tolerate woke meddling in our favorite franchises can we hope to excise the rot.

At the end of the day, games should be about fun. They should be about enjoying the experience, not about preaching a political message.

But that’s all Sweet Baby Inc. seems capable of doing.

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