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Neocons Fear Speaker Mike Johnson Could Bring An End To Ukraine War Cash

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The recent election of Mike Johnson as speaker of the House has struck terror in the heart of the uniparty, with neoconservatives and Democrats fearing that their reckless Ukraine spending may finally be put to an end.

President Biden is currently exploiting the conflict in Israel and Palestine to secure more funding for Ukraine in a joint package for Israel and Ukraine aid. However, only a small portion of the $100 billion the president is requesting would go to Israel, with the majority — $61.4 billion — going to Ukraine.

With Johnson now speaker and leading the House, Biden’s Ukraine funding request is in a precarious situation. Johnson voted for the initial Ukraine spending bill In April 2022 but has taken a dramatic turn since then, opposing all new Ukraine funding requests and demanding transparency from Ukraine on its use of American tax dollars.

Back in February, Johnson wrote on X: “American taxpayers have sent over $100 billion in aid to Ukraine in the last year. They deserve to know if the Ukrainian government is being entirely forthcoming and transparent about the use of this massive sum of taxpayer resources.”

Likewise, in May 2022, Johnson expressed America First sentiments, saying, “We should not be sending another $40 billion abroad when our own border is in chaos, American mothers are struggling to find baby formula, gas prices are at record highs, and American families are struggling to make ends meet, without sufficient oversight over where the money will go.”

Republicans for Ukraine,” a nonprofit that believes “the Republican Party must continue to support Ukraine,” has given Johnson an “F” on his support for the war. 

Meanwhile, neocon Republican turned Democrat grifter Bill Kristol fretted on X before the speaker vote, writing, “If Mike Johnson wins, and unless he’s made private commitments for a floor vote on Ukraine and funding government: Gaetz wins, MAGA wins, and Trump wins, and institutionalist, responsible, moderate Republicans lose, once again having pitifully folded when the crunch came.”

Ending funding to Ukraine means that President Volodymyr Zelensky will finally be forced to negotiate a peace deal with President Vladimir Putin. From the onset of the war, there has been no end strategy presented by Ukraine or the American Uniparty other than the “total defeat” of Russia. If there is a plan, no one has cued in the American taxpayers who are bankrolling the war effort.

Like with Iraq and Afghanistan, the Uniparty leaders in support of fueling conflict in Ukraine do not have a strategy, arguably because they do not want the war to end. As Federalist Senior Contributor Jonathan S. Tobin wrote, “The continuation of the current stalemate as the death tolls rise benefits only the political interests of Zelensky, Putin, and those who profit from the war.”

Meanwhile, Americans have been suffering under a potentially compromised executive branch, an inflationary economy, and an open border crisis. Perhaps Johnson’s election represents a turning point for Congress, and the issues impacting American day-to-day life will finally be a priority. 

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