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Park Employees At Yosemite Violate Uniform Policy For Pride March


Staff at Yosemite National Park appeared to violate the National Park Service’s uniform policy this month when employees held a “pride” event at one of the nation’s premier outdoor destinations in California.

Environmentalist drag queen Pattie Gonia published a video celebrating the park pride parade held on June 8.

“Hello, in case you didn’t know, gay people are literally taking over the National Park System,” said Gonia, touting this summer’s event as the third consecutive year that he’s coordinated celebrations. “As you can see, there are literal hundreds of queer Yosemite employees.”

Many of those employees, however, appeared to violate the National Park Service’s uniform code which expressly prohibits participation in demonstrations or public events “wherein the wearing of the uniform could be construed as agency support for a particular issues, position, or political party.” Gonia’s video features uniformed employees waving “progress pride” flags in support of transgenderism throughout the park.

“We danced, we marched, we celebrated, and we got wet,” Gonia proclaimed. “I am so proud of all the community organizers in the park system who are making safe space for queer people all year round.”

“No planet, no pride,” Gonia says in the video. “Mother Nature is a lesbian. Goodbye!”

Yosemite National Park’s official Instagram account also published a post featuring a park ranger with a trans-pride flag tucked into the brim of her hat.

“Though the color scheme of Yosemite can often lend itself to a muted, earth-toned palette, this month we are making sure the full vibrancy of our human story shines,” the post read. “As a park, we are committed not only to telling diverse stories, but to making sure that Yosemite is a place where all feel safe and welcome to take pride in their environment and foster relationships of mutual respect with plants, animals and each other.”

One user earned more than 3,000 “likes” on his comment criticizing the park’s imposition of pride.

“Nothing like a horde of people making a political statement while you’re trying to enjoy your brief break from society,” he wrote.

The drag queen organizer mocked complaints as “hate.”

“[T]o everyone spewing hate on this post, i wish you knew you were actually loved…loved by non-binary, pansexual mother nature,” Gonia wrote.

Neither the Department of the Interior nor the National Park Service immediately responded to The Federalist’s request for comment.

The adoption of the rainbow banner in conjunction with federal uniforms represents just the latest episode of far-left activists insisting their political positions are a matter of human rights. That claimed moral justification allows proponents of federally sponsored activism to smear anyone opposed to the imposition of their cultural agenda as proponents of “hate.”

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