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Biden Nominates Worst Catholic Democrat (After Himself) As Papal Ambassador


Thanks to our token “devout” President Joe Biden, former Indiana Sen. and Planned Parenthood advocate Joe Donnelly could represent America’s Catholic faithful as the U.S. ambassador to the Roman Catholic pope. Self-proclaimed Roman Catholic Donnelly is about as faithful as Biden himself. That is to say, not at all.

Throughout his presidency, Biden has presented a mirage of faith to Catholic voters who expect America’s second Catholic president to have their interests in mind. He doesn’t — and Donnelly’s appointment confirms that.

Following Biden and the rest of his so-called Catholic cronies, Donnelly has switched sides in the fight against abortion. Although he was elected on a staunchly pro-life platform when a U.S. senator, Donnelly’s faith apparently doesn’t cover human life — at least, not politically

In March 2010, Donnelly voted for taxpayer-funded abortion through Obamacare. In August 2015, the senator cast a pro-life vote by voting for Cloture On S. 1881, A Bill To Prohibit Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood. Just months later, “the last pro-life Democrat” decided millions of innocent lives weren’t worth political pressure, so he voted to allow the abortion provider to receive taxpayer funding.

“Planned Parenthood has not been found to be in violation of any federal laws,” the senator said at the time. “I am committed to ensuring women have access to quality health care, like cancer screenings and wellness visits, and that our health care providers are in compliance with federal law.”

In 2017, Donnelly voted against President Trump’s plan to deny states the ability to use federal Title X funds for abortion providers. In 2018, he voted against another amendment that would have stopped taxpayer funding from going to abortion corporations like Planned Parenthood, earning him the title “Deceptive Donnelly” from Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List.

“Pro-life Hoosiers cannot trust deceptive Joe Donnelly to stand up for unborn children. Senator Donnelly claims to be pro-life, but he has a history of betrayal on important pro-life votes, including today when he once again voted in support of sending taxpayer dollars to America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. His record is dramatically out of step with his constituents,” she said.

Despite Biden’s best attempts to undermine and disrespect the Vatican’s importance — and there have been many — no temporal power can diminish the church. Historically, the ambassadorship has been taken seriously and, for the most part, has been occupied by faithful Catholics.

Giovanni Sartori was the first American counsel to the Papal States. His appointment, made by Pope Pius VII, marked the first secular envoy in the early history of our nation. Unlike self-proclaimed Catholic politicians today, Sartori took his influence seriously.

In 1804, New Jersey, the ambassador’s home state, didn’t have a single Catholic church. So, Sartori and his wife offered their New Jersey “Rosy Hill” mansion for missionary priests to conduct the Holy Mass once a month. 

In 1814, when the local Catholic worshippers numbered too many for his home, Sartori and his neighbor, Capt. John Hargous, bought a plot of land and constructed a small wooden church. St. John’s church became New Jersey’s first Catholic parish, and the parish remains to this day.

While the relationship has not endured without conflict, the Holy See — the official governing body of Vatican City — has maintained communication with the United States for centuries. During the Civil War, Pius IX encouraged bishops in the Union and Confederacy to make peace. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s personal representative to the Holy See Myron Charles Taylor successfully persuaded Pope Pius XII to speak out against Nazi Germany in the 1940s. 

It shouldn’t be a novel idea for America to present an ambassador to the Vatican who firmly believes and upholds the dignity of the Catholic Church. Our “Catholic” president should know this.

The Holy See is the world’s oldest diplomatic entity. It doesn’t deserve a heretic as a representative. It’s hard enough for the Catholic Church to look upon Biden with charity after he’s made it easier for millions of Americans to defy important church teachings. 

Why Biden thinks Donnelly, who can’t even decide if babies’ limbs should be ripped from them in the womb or not, is a fitting representative for the Catholic Church is beyond logic. But it’s not beyond surprise.

What else can we expect from a president who so blatantly blasphemes his own faith? During his time in office, Biden has used Catholicism as a political tool, signaling to lukewarm left-wingers that it’s OK for them to defy God for politics. Donnelly’s appointment is just another sacrilege.

Evil is real, and evil is present in Biden and the rest of the Catholic Democrats who promulgate anti-Christian sentiment and policies. The devil uses such “faithful” to make others faithless — and somewhere along the way, in the malaise of political ambition and woke culture, the devil infiltrated Catholic politicians to the point that they can’t even admit all human life is made in God’s image.

Pray for our leaders, and pray they can properly represent the millions of young souls who are now enjoying the peace of Heaven. Pray also that no more lives are sacrificed on the political altar by Catholic apostates who have abandoned the protection of human dignity.