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The Battle For America Is Nowhere Near ‘Over.’ Here Are 10 Ways To Fight


Former Republican congressional candidate Jesse Kelly recently argued “America is over,” because as the government continues to grow our freedom diminishes. “America is heading for an eventual socialist abyss,” he writes. “You will” end up on “the reservation that the leftists have set up for you,” and you will “all die” in “communist purges” at some point in the next century or two.

Kelly is probably right about one thing: if leftists achieve total power in this country, they will do what they have done in other countries where they have achieved total power: They will murder their political opponents.

Elsewhere, though, Kelly is off the mark. For example, he says that to die in a communist purge would be “a good thing,” because you would at least have the satisfaction of having lived during the period before the purge began. Maybe this is akin to “end times” Christians wanting the apocalypse to occur during their lifetime. In any case, having a death wish is not a strategy for victory over the Left. It’s a sign of mental illness.

Presenting his death wish in another way, Kelly proposes that we should “fight (the Left) to the death.” More on the subject of defeatist rhetoric in a moment, but if we had to fight against people trying to murder us for our political viewpoints, we should instead take our advice from Gen. George S. Patton, who said that the great object in battle is not to die for your country, but to make the other fellow die for his.

To make matters worse, Kelly offers no suggestion about how to fight, so allow me. Here are ten things you can do to destroy leftism.

1. Be smart on election day.

If you do anything other than vote for the Republican — if you don’t vote (midterms included), if you vote for a third-party candidate, or if you write in Mickey Mouse or your favorite football coach — you are voting for the Democrat. Here’s a reality check, for people who didn’t vote for John McCain or Mitt Romney because they weren’t conservative enough. We hold elections not to give them the opportunity to satisfy themselves that they are the only real conservatives, but to decide whether the Republican or a Democrat is going to get elected. People like them helped get Barack Obama elected twice, and almost got someone just as bad elected in 2016.

2. Vote strategically.

Don’t vote for the man over the party. Whichever party is the majority in each house of Congress selects the leader of that house and appoints its people to the chairmanships of that house’s legislative committees, and that largely determines what legislation gets voted on. Additionally, only a Republican president will nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court and other federal courts, and only a Republican-majority Senate will approve conservative nominees.

3. Help the Republican Party nominate good candidates.

Volunteer your time, energy, and money to help them. If a better candidate loses to a Chamber-of Commerce RINO, refer to number 1, above, and try again next time. Leftists never quit; you shouldn’t either. Whoever gets elected, tell them how you want them to vote.

4. Stop the defeatist rhetoric.

Instead of whining — for example, by saying that we are going to be marched off to a reservation for conservatives and eventually murdered in a communist purge — develop and implement a plan for how we are going to defeat the Leftists. God help us, where did we get this defeatist strain in our culture?

“He died with his boots on.” Translation: he lost to the guy who lived with his boots on. “He gave it the old college try.” Translation: he lost to someone who tried harder. And, “They can take this gun when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.” Those who would take Americans’ guns should fear that they would die trying.

5. Don’t expect others to fight your political battles for you.

There’s money to be made by never winning and then telling you that you will lose everything, if you don’t send more money. Don’t be a sucker.

6. Get physically fit.

A healthier, stronger, faster person would be harder to march off to the reservation Kelly predicts. Get your check-ups and do what your doctor tells you, which may include stopping smoking, drinking, and eating fatty, processed, and sugary foods. With your doctor’s permission, get on an exercise program. Instead of reading op-eds and listening to talk shows that whine about one Leftist outrage after another, without suggesting what to do about it, use that time to get yourself together.

7. Have more kids, and raise them right.

This requires no explanation.

8. Pay attention to what your kids are taught in school.

Attend your school board and PTA meetings. Don’t give a dime to your alma mater, if it promotes or condones nonsense on campus. Be on top of what is being taught to your children in public and private schools, from pre-K all the way up.

9. Make money and own land.

Also requires no explanation.

10. Arm yourself

In case Kelly is right about being marched off to a reservation for conservatives, arm yourself with first-rate fighting firearms, such as AR-15s and Glock 19s. And since you were not born knowing how to shoot or knowing anything about tactics, and you didn’t get better just by buying a gun, getting a carry permit, or going hunting once a year, get training, study the craft, and practice.

Si vis pacem, para bellum. If you want peace, prepare for war.