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Breaking News Alert How A Republican Congress Can Protect Health-Care Workers From The Biggest Federal Erasure Of Their Conscience Rights Ever

Andrew Stiles Says Only Clinton Can Get Away With Endangering Classified Information

Mathew Continetti and company host the Federalist Radio Hour.


Matthew Continetti and company host today’s edition of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss and debate the future of Hillary Clinton, the Iranian nuclear deal, and Planned Parenthood.

The Free Beacon correspondent covering the Democratic Primary, Andrew Stiles, reports that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent classified information from an unsecured private email account.While any other candidate “would be sunk for this,” Stiles says that Clinton “will be just fine.”

The correspondent also credits Clinton for sidestepping the Netroots Nation conference, and guest host Continetti wonders “when did Heckling become mainstream?”

Adam Kredo, also of the Free Beacon, recounts how Ted Cruz exposed the heckling “Code Pink Clown Show” over the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Later, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard joins the program to detail how the GOP primary will feature “the most sincerely Pro-Life field the Republican Party has ever fronted.” Finally, at the bottom of the hour, Sonny Bunch offers a critique of society through a pop culture lens.

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