Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski
Robert Tracinski, Senior Writer
Robert Tracinski is a senior writer at The Federalist. He studied philosophy at the University of Chicago and for more than 20 years has written about politics, markets, and foreign policy. He has been published in dozens of newspapers, from the Chicago Tribune to the San Francisco Chronicle, and been featured on many radio and television shows, from Rush Limbaugh to “The O’Reilly Factor.” He is an occasional guest host of The Federalist Radio Hour and editor of The Tracinski Letter.
Trump’s Syria Strategy: For One Night Only!

By declaring ‘mission accomplished’ in Syria after a single night, President Trump is avoiding the kind of sustained strategy that actually produces results.

Britain’s Knife Control Is A Bad, Real-Life Parody Of Gun Control

If you set out to write a parody of gun control, it might look like the real news from London, where guns don’t kill people, knives do.

Is Mueller’s Trump Investigation A Clinton Impeachment Rerun?

If the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s lawyer is about what we think it’s about, we could be living through a rerun of the Clinton impeachment crisis.

Why ‘Win And Go Home’ Isn’t Working In Syria

President Trump wanted to declare victory over ISIS in Syria and go home. Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it? It turns out ‘win and go home’ rarely works.

Rich Lowry Gets Stampeded Onto The Trump Train

Rich Lowry just wrote off the NeverTrump movement as ‘deluded.’ Yes, the same Rich Lowry who compiled the ‘Against Trump’ issue of National Review.

Marco Rubio Finally Gets What Philosophers Are Good For

Marco Rubio finally gets it right. We do need philosophers, and the past few years demonstrate just how badly we need them.

The March For Our Lives Was Just ‘Helicopter Protesting’

In a triumph of helicopter parenting, the ‘student-led’ March for Our Lives protest turns out to have been mostly organized and paid for by adult activists.

Donald Trump Is A Unilateral Trade Warmonger

In trade war terms, Trump’s tariffs are the equivalent of invading Iraq without first getting a UN resolution—or congressional authorization.

How The Second Amendment Prevents Tyranny

The Second Amendment was supposed to protect us from government by dispersing its coercive power among the people. We still adhere to that system today.

Why The Stormy Daniels Story Is A Sign Of The Apocalypse

It looks like Donald Trump’s lawyer paid a porn star to hush up a story about her liaisons with the man who is now president. How come nobody really cares?

Was Social Media A Mistake? Here’s An Experiment To Find Out

Social media has turned out to be a big mistake because it has recentralized digital media under big companies controlled by the authoritarian left.

The National School Walkout Sums Up Our Middle School Politics

Why not draft school kids as political activists in the The National School Walkout? Our politics is already just an inflated version of middle school.

Will Trump Get Played by North Korea? He Just Did

Maybe Kim Jong-un is North Korea’s Mikhail Gorbachev. But given the total lack of evidence for such a radically new direction, this is vanishingly unlikely.

The Parkland Shooting, And Why We Need To Put Reason Over Emotion

The response to the Parkland shooting shows why we always have to guard against relying on a purely emotional appeal instead of fact and logic.

Dear Annoying Parkland Kids: We Gave You A Pretty Awesome World, Try Not To Mess It Up

Let’s look at Parkland kids’ arrogant presumption that previous generations messed up the world, so that they have to ‘rebuild’ it.

Donald Trump Sells Out The Right On Guns

Just as the anti-gun media narrative on school shootings was falling apart, Donald Trump held a televised summit with lawmakers and revived it.

New School Policing Info Marks Broward County’s Scott Israel An Ayn Rand Villain

Like Wesley Mouch, the bumbling central planner in ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel keeps messing up then demanding wider powers.

Why It’s Time To Raise The Voting Age Back To 21

The teens going on television to agitate for gun control after the Parkland shooting make the case, not for lowering the voting age, but for raising it.

Americans Chose Liberty Over Security A Long Time Ago. School Shootings Don’t Change That

A life of total ‘security’ would be psychologically intolerable, and would expose us to the great evils of an overbearing government.

Yes, We Should Celebrate Our Anglo-American Heritage

Trying to make our ‘Anglo-American heritage’ seem racially exclusive is not an answer to white nationalists. It’s an echo of them.