Lyman Stone
Lyman Stone
Lyman Stone
Lyman Stone is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist. He writes about migration issues on his blog "In a State of Migration." He is also an agricultural economist at USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, and an Advisor at Demographic Intelligence. He has an MA in international trade policy from the George Washington University. Opinions expressed are solely his own, though his wife Ruth occasionally agrees with him.
This Valentine’s Day Is A Reminder We’re All Going To Die, And That’s A Good Thing

Christians are also beginning the penitential season of Lent. It’s a wonderful mix of celebrating romantic love and remembering human frailty.

3 Things Cooking Chili Can Teach Us About Immigration

Americans have always been a spicy bunch, and we always will be. We are the ones who didn’t fit in back in the old country, who couldn’t just get along and play nice with the king.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Inside Trump’s Immigration Proposal

President Trump has proposed a major immigration plan that includes a path to citizenship for nearly two million protected illegal immigrants and $25 billion for a border wall. 

Why We Shouldn’t Expect A Shutdown Baby Boom

Will a government shutdown this January give us a baby boom next October? One way to check is to see what happened during the last big shutdown.

Is Trump Really About To Deport 200,000 Salvadorans? Not Quite

Progressives are predictably hysterical over the Trump administration’s decision to end an immigration program benefitting Salvadorans, but of course the reality is a bit complex. Let’s unpack what’s really going on here.

Research Finds Corporate Do-Gooder Initiatives Reduce Charity, Increase Negative PR

When companies signal that the ‘bottom line’ is not their bottom line, workers respond accordingly, by cheating the company, reducing output, and cutting their giving.

Roy Moore Had Lowest White Evangelical Support Of Any Alabama Republican In The 21st Century

With high turnout and 80 percent in favor of a candidate in a group that is a large population share, Roy Moore still substantially underperformed among white evangelicals.

Why There Is Never A Flight 93 Election For Faithful Christians

For a Christian, there are no stakes in a cosmic sense for anything we observe in the news: Christ will come victorious. Our job is to endure in hope, and share that hope with others.

I Calculated Ethnic Groups’ Rates Of U.S. Terrorism. Here Are The Results

Falling vending machines and children’s balloons claim more American lives than would admitting 36,000 Uzbek immigrants.

Everything You Need To Know About The RAISE Act Without Reading It

The RAISE Act will undoubtedly be in the news in upcoming days and weeks, so it behooves the careful media consumer to know what’s in the immigration bill and what it means.

Why The Latest Study Saying ‘Have Fewer Kids To Save The Planet’ Is Junk Science

In the vast majority of cases, how many kids you have just won’t affect any environmental outcomes. Plus the study on which these articles were based is junk science.

Will More Firstborns In The Future Mean Less Economic Dynamism?

Beneath the long history of findings that sing the praises of firstborns, there’s another, interesting story to tell about their economic Achilles’ heel.

Can Surprise Events Like Sports Upsets Cause Desperately Needed Baby Booms?

Iceland’s reported baby boom exactly nine months after their surprise soccer victory over England isn’t the first time sports victory baby booms have been reported.

Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s New Immigration Order

The new immigration executive order is better than the old one. Here are the main things it gets right, and the big questions it leaves unanswered.

Here’s What Trump’s Immigration Order Says And How It Needs To Be Fixed

Because of the administration’s excessive haste to act and media personalities’ haste to judge, reasonable discussion of American crisis migration policy has been all but snuffed out.

Want To Fix Congress? Add 5,500 New Representatives 

The current problems in American governance may not stem from too much populism, but too little.

3 U.S. Refugee Laws Everyone Forgets

Because they really are suffering, we can’t ban Syrian Muslims, but we can give priority to refugee groups experiencing even worse suffering.

Blowing Up Alderaan Was Obviously Evil

Mass murder is never justified, either in Star Wars’ Alderaan or our Tehran.

In An Age Of Global Citizenship, American Expatriates Increase

What will it mean for us not only when a growing share of residents are non-citizens, but when a growing share of citizens are non-resident?