Julie Gunlock
Julie Gunlock
Julie Gunlock is a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum and directs the organization’s Culture of Alarmism Project. She is the author of "From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back."
‘Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals’ Are Not A Global Health Scourge

Leonardo Trasende is an activist scientist, trotting out junk science at rapid speed to further his political, policy, and regulatory goals. That includes his latest, on endocrine disruptors.

No, Your Oatmeal Will Not Kill You

Worried about weed killer in your oatmeal? You can stop that.

Don’t Listen To So-Called Nutritionists Who Shame Moms With Fact-Free Advice

A representative Washington Post article repeats frightening canards about the nonexistent dangers of ‘conventionally farmed’ food, GMOs, and BPA.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Safe Chipotle Burrito

Tip to Chipotle: No one cares about locally sourced tomatoes and antibiotic-free meat if he loses two weeks of work due to eating one of your burritos.

Wine Alarmists Should Stick a Cork In It

Stop whining about the non-existent dangers of certain wine corks, and start drinking.

The First Food Snob And Her Mommy Blogger Allies Make Mothering Difficult

Michelle Obama, mommy bloggers, and organic fiends need to be honest about food science and stop shaming moms for doing quite well for their kids on a normal person’s budget.

It’s Time to #BanBossy School Lunch Ladies

Snack sales surge, thanks to Michelle Obama’s school lunch deforms.

The Rise of Mommy Fearmongering: Be Afraid… Of Everything!

Ignore the mommy fearmongering: How one mother learned to stop being afraid and enjoy modern conveniences.