James Poulos
James Poulos
James Poulos
James Poulos is the author of "The Art of Being Free, out January 17 from St. Martin's.
Let’s All Do More Than Just Forget Nordstrom’s $425 Muddy Jeans Ever Happened

If the garment in question were a fake-filth-splattered ripoff Derek Zoolander would actually wear, there’d be little here worth the time it takes to complain.

Want To Protect Your Information? Build It A Better Immune System

The hard limits to secret matters of state are no excuse for popular ignorance about cybersecurity. Our adversaries can only be expected to take advantage.

Marshall McLuhan Can Save Humans From Destroying Ourselves With Technology

Marshall McLuhan is still the most penetrating Christian humanist to grasp that technology has forced us to rediscover how humans can use it to advance our species and preserve its humanity.

Liberalism’s Real Narrative Fight Isn’t What Josh Earnest Thinks It Is

We’re much better at raining death onto ISIS than breathing life into liberal democracy, which, at the close of President Obama’s two terms, is absolutely reeling in headlong retreat.

Tocqueville’s Insights Into Donald Trump’s Identity Politics

The lesson in Donald Trump’s failure and success is an old one: in politics, class does not come first in America. Race relations, particularly those defined long ago by race slavery, do.

Sorry, Peter Thiel: We Can’t Go To Mars Instead Of Iraq

Peter Thiel’s vision complements but challenges prevailing Republican views on war.

No Matter Who Wins The Presidency, The ‘Deep State’ Will Run Things

When crunch time has come, our deep state has managed largely to keep the ship afloat and chugging ahead. They’ll see us through either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Can’t Make America Great Again Because That Requires Greatness

Donald Trump has hit upon our rage but can’t he remedy it, because he embodies the corruption his supporters despise.

Why Americans Shouldn’t Freak Out About Brexit

We can responsibly relax well enough to avoid one disaster without inviting another—because we know that even disaster isn’t the end of the world.

The Fight Against Islamism Is The New Cold War

The nexus of state-sponsored terror, subversion, and infiltration established during the Cold War has been reactivated, threatening Western civilization itself.

The President Should Apologize At Hiroshima

In allowing illiberalism to run rampant around the world under his watch, President Obama has worsened the kind of challenges not even the most powerful bombs can well resolve.

Why Contempt Feeds Trump

Donald Trump has distinguished himself as America’s most anarchic and comical fomenter of violent contempt. He has not created this culture, however. We have.

Why Donald Trump Can’t Defeat Neocons

Donald Trump’s foreign policy program reminds us that many people are enthusiastic about contradictory nonsense when it seems to break through a persistent impasse.

How Rejecting Heroes Makes Us Psycho

Isn’t there something mysterious about our difficult times that causes Batman and Superman to become morally ambiguous enemies?

Now Hamilton Is Safe On The $10, Take Jackson Off The $20

Militant populism that comes from people with no military experience is all but guaranteed to be dumb and dangerous in a way warriors are not. So Andrew Jackson needs to go.

How Trump Supporters Really Can Make America Great Again

Stun the snobs. Make them remember how noble in grace we can be even at our lowest and most betrayed.

Trump: The Deadpool Of National Politics

We need to understand Donald Trump’s success. If we don’t, we’ll suffer a third wave of frustrated, debilitating confusion.

Marco Rubio’s Achilles Heel: We Can’t Trust Him

Rather than worrying about personal smears, Marco Rubio should recognize his rivals have a much more lethal weapon to use against him.

The Milo Mortification

In a climate of all-consuming paranoia there’s hardly a choice but to feel outright comradeship with someone whose plucky charisma is untouched by needling persecution.

Terrorists, Mass Shootings, And The Rise Of The Warrior Kid

Rather than thinking solely in terms of shooters and terrorists, we must now also think in terms of mercenaries and warlords.