Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer
Holly Scheer is a writer and editor. She’s fascinated by politics, culture and theology. Follow her on Twitter @HScheer1580.
No, Ryan Gosling Isn’t A Sexist For Thanking Eva Mendes

The world has truly gone mad when a husband can’t love his wife without being slagged.

Don’t Get Mad At Out-Of-Control Kids. Get Mad At Their Permissive Parents

The hard truth is that we’re the reason kids (and their parents) are out of control, and we’re far happier to blame and shame parents than examine what’s going wrong in so many families.

A Fond Farewell To Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher’s Mother And Hollywood Icon

The loss of Debbie Reynolds and daughter Carrie Fisher so close together, the week of Christmas, is a terrible shock and leaves millions of fans reeling.

Remembering Carrie Fisher: America’s Inspirational, Truth-Telling Princess

Carrie Fisher was a beautiful woman, from the inside out. She was inspirational. She was full of hope and promise, and she will be greatly missed.

Can You Really Have It All If You Haven’t Had An Abortion?

Despite all of her privilege, Lena Dunham has decided to inform the world that it’s not enough, because she hasn’t had the chance to have an abortion.

Why ‘Mary Did You Know’ Is The Most Biblically Illiterate Christmas Tune

Anyone who has even a slight familiarity with the biblical account of Christ’s conception and birth shouldn’t need to ask if Mary knew, because the Bible plainly tells us she did.

Sofia Vergara’s Embryos Join Father Nick Loeb In Suing Her To Let Them Live

Sofia Vergara doesn’t want embryos she created with Nick Loeb to be born, but Loeb says they’re alive and he wants to parent them.

Why Santa Claus Without Jesus Is Cultural Appropriation At Its Stupidest

Modern pop culture has turned Santa into a figure almost completely removed from his origins, and it’s time to go back to the beginning and remember the real Saint Nick.

5 Easy Ways To Observe Advent So You Can Enjoy The Christmas Season

Far more than just a pre-Christmas warm up, this season in the church year is worthwhile to celebrate and observe, all on its own. Here are some easy ways.

It’s Hunting Season. Here’s How And Why To Grab Your Gun

Blaze orange hats, vests, and coats are frequent sights in trucks and fields, and this traditional American pastime is more than worth passing on to our children.

Move Over, Druids: Halloween Is A Christian Holiday

Far from being another supposedly stolen pagan holiday, Halloween has always been tied to Christianity.

Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years Of Promoting Death

Despite more than half of Americans wanting changes to our abortion culture, our political system protects Planned Parenthood and legal abortion on demand.

10 Dos And Don’ts For When A Friend Loses A Baby

These losses are common, but it can be hard to know what to say or not to say when a friend or family member experiences a miscarriage or infant death.

One In 14 Americans Has Lost A Friend Over This Presidential Election

‘Fully 70% of American voters say that this year’s presidential campaign has brought out the worst in people.’

Andy Richter Is ‘Eternally Grateful’ His Wife Aborted His Child

Andy Richter might be a comedian, with a career built around humor and making other people laugh on shows with Conan O’Brien, but abortion is no laughing matter.

New Studies Reinforce That Zika Is No Excuse To Sterilize Women And Kill Children

These findings suggest that many babies born to mothers with Zika infection during pregnancy will be unaffected by microcephaly.

A Lady’s Outfit Isn’t Complete Without The Right Underclothes

Women may spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear for any given occasion, but we should be spending nearly as much time contemplating what to wear under our clothes.

Leniency For Rapist Brock Turner Is Dangerous

Brock Turner spent three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious fellow student. The implications aren’t good.

Some Men Stand For The National Anthem To Spurn Discrimination

Verdun Woods served in a racially segregated military and suffered mid-century anti-black discrimination. Yet he loved his country, and honored its national anthem.

Pushing Women To Ditch Bras And Makeup Isn’t Empowering

The natural-at-any-cost movement excludes women who want or need bras and makeup, and guilting those who do more than brush our teeth in the morning is a step back for all women.