David Harsanyi
David Harsanyi
David Harsanyi, Senior Editor
David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist. Harsanyi is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of three books. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Weekly Standard, National Review, Reason, New York Post, and numerous other publications. David has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and dozens of radio talk shows across the country. Reach him at dharsanyi@thefederalist.com
Nothing James Comey Says About The Hillary Clinton Investigation Makes Any Sense

Instead of striking immunity deals with virtually every person who had intimate knowledge about Hillary Clinton’s illegal emails, the Justice Department could have saved everyone time and just offered Hillary protection from all prosecution.

The Clinton-Trump Debate Was An Embarrassment For Everyone Involved

The first Clinton-Trump match-up was probably the most worthless, and certainly the most infantile, presidential debate this country has ever witnessed.

The Justice Department’s Hillary Investigation Reeks Of Corruption

Hillary Clinton is above the laws. She was never going to be indicted. And now we know none of her friends had to worry, either.

‘Survivor’ Recap: Snowflakes Versus Slackers!

Episode 1: Luckily, the contestants on ‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ are just as preposterously stereotypical as you’d imagine.

CBS’s JonBenet Ramsey Documentary Was Complete Garbage

CBS’s ‘The Case Of: JonBenét’ was Jerry Springer-esque pseudojournalism. The only thing the series proves is that JonBenét will never have justice.

Hillary Clinton Would Rather Blame Free Speech Than Islam For Terrorism

Hillary just accused the GOP nominee of treason because he used free speech in a manner she dislikes.

Why Is Hillary Clinton Still Honoring A Segregationist And Anti-Semite?

Has anyone ever asked Hillary Clinton if the racist, segregationist, and anti-Semite J. William Fulbright was ‘deplorable?’

Peter Thiel Would Make A Great Supreme Court Justice

One of the best reasons for a Thiel nomination would be that he meets none of the bogus qualifications partisans have set up for Supreme Court justices.

Why The Conservative Admiration Of Putin Is Dangerous

Remember, when Donald Trump’s con game is over, you’ll still be one of the people who defended an authoritarian thug like Vladimir Putin.

20 Years After JonBenét’s Murder, The Ramseys Still Look Guilty As Hell

As the 20th anniversary of JonBenét Ramsey’s murder approaches, a series of true crime television shows, culminating with CBS’s two-part docuseries next week, are re-litigating the conspiracy theories surrounding the murder.

A Helpful Step-By-Step Guide To Defending Every Clinton Scandal

Clintonism has left thousands of lies strewn across 40 years of political life. This weekend’s Hillary drama was just another chapter.

The Media’s Pathetic Coverage Of Hillary Somehow Just Got Worse

The idea that Hillary Clinton is getting a raw deal from the press is fantasy propagated by partisans.

That Time The Clintons Lied About Bill’s Mistress And Then Let A Mentally Disabled Man Be Executed To Distract Us

Reminder: The Clintons are the kind of people who would use the execution of a mentally disabled man to distract from an extramarital affair.

How A Cakemaker Became An Enemy Of The State

When Jack Phillips declined to participate in celebrating the wedding of David Mullins and Charlie Craig, his life was upended in ways that people who argue passionately about the culture war on social media might not fully appreciate.

‘The Night Of’ Was Ultimately Disappointing

Sometimes a show is so finely acted and technically well-crafted that you overlook its many other flaws. ‘The Night Of’ is one of those shows.

Kaepernick Has A Right To Free Expression. And So Does Everyone Else

Colin Kaepernick’s inane protest doesn’t tell us much. The hypocritical reaction of many on the Left is another story.

5 Movies That Critics Love But Are Actually Complete Garbage

The BBC recently asked 177 movie critics to list the greatest films of the twenty-first century. They have no idea what they’re talking about.

Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet

Some environmentalists not only have destructive ideas about markets and growth but repulsive ideas about humans.

Brendan Dassey May Be Innocent, But Steven Avery Is Still Guilty As Sin

Even if the new season of ‘Making a Murderer’ somehow proves Steven Avery’s innocence, it’ll have nothing to do with Brendan Dassey’s confession.

Reminder: Obamacare Is Still A Giant Cronyistic Disaster

The problem isn’t that Aetna is leaving the Obamacare exchanges. The problem is that Aetna was in the exchanges to begin with