David Harsanyi
David Harsanyi
David Harsanyi, Senior Editor
David Harsanyi is a senior editor at The Federalist. Harsanyi is a nationally syndicated columnist and author of three books. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Weekly Standard, National Review, Reason, New York Post, and numerous other publications. David has appeared on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, ABC World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and dozens of radio talk shows across the country. Reach him at dharsanyi@thefederalist.com
Welcome Back, Hillary. We Missed You!

Trust me, the new Clinton Years are going to be fantastic. Well, at least for the most vital people in civil society: professional pundits.

There’s Nothing Unpatriotic About Challenging Obama On Iran

Republicans have a responsibility to disrupt the president’s plans for Iran if they truly believe its wrong path for the nation.

Sure Obama Loves America. His America.

This is a president who openly ran to “fundamentally transform” the country. He seems to love the America he wishes existed.

Obama Is Wrong. Democracy Is The Last Thing The Middle East Needs Right Now

Almost every time democracy has been tried in the Islamic world, it’s produced more fanaticism, not less.

Here Are The ‘Science’ Questions Reporters Should Ask Politicians

Instead of fixating on evolution, why not focus on science with genuine moral and policy implications?

Atheists Have Nothing To Apologize For

If 1 percent of Atheists were involved in the kind of political violence Islamists commit every day, I’d be condemning them, too.

Obama Is A Good BSer, But He’s A Bad Liar

What Obama’s Gay-Marriage Lie Tells Us About Contemporary Politics

There’s Nothing ‘Random’ About Islamic Terrorism, Mr. President

Acknowledging who the victims of Islamic terrorism are means acknowledging its motivations.

Jeb Bush’s Compassionate Conservatism Is A Loser

At its heart, our political debate is still about the size and reach of government.

Five Ways Liberals Ignore Science

For some conservatives, harmonizing issues of faith and science can be tricky. What excuse do Democrats have?

Vox Sets Out To Prove All Religions Are Equally Violent. And Fails

Sorry Vox, a measure of religion’s morality isn’t how it treats its own, but how it treats everyone else.

In Defense Of A ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Reboot

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” was not actually a sacred item passed to humankind on Mount Sinai and Steven Spielberg was not a God.

It Doesn’t Matter That Bergdahl Is A Deserter

While the deal for Bowe Bergdahl may have been illegal and undermined national security, the soldier’s actions are separate issue.

Obama Keeps Bowing In The Middle East

Every administration have gone out of their way to avoid insulting Middle East dictatorships. Few have gone out of their more than this one.

If The GOP Can’t Pass A Late-Term Abortion Ban, What Can It Do?

The public has consistently opposed infanticide – which, by any standard, is the way to describe late-term abortions. Someone should tell the GOP.

Ignore Climate Change, Mr. President. For The Children.

Stop fear-mongering about climate change. By nearly any measurement that matters, this was the greatest year in human history.

Why Pope Francis Is Wrong About Free Expression

The right of people to be critical of religion—even their own, if they feel it has wandered from the principles that make it worthwhile—is fundamental.

You Know Who’s Responsible Don’t You? The Jews

Blaming Israel for creating tension in Europe is another way of blaming the victims and laying culpability where it doesn’t exist.

Do No Harm: An Interview With Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell talks to The Federalist about government’s most destructive economic intrusions.

Stop Pretending Terrorism Has Nothing To Do With Islam

An idea isn’t a human being. Neither is a sacred cow. And those who confront, dismiss, debunk, sneered at and fear them aren’t necessarily bigots.

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