Berny Belvedere
Berny Belvedere
Berny Belvedere is a professor of philosophy and a writer based in Miami, Florida. He is also editor-in-chief of Arc. Follow him on Twitter @bernybelvedere.
Christian Organization Apologizes For Featuring Christian Views On Homosexuality

At a Christian philosophical conference, Oxford University professor Richard Swinburne suggested homosexuality is like a disability. His talk sponsors have apologized; his coarse detractors have not.

Don’t Take To Twitter To Respond To Terror

The problem is not that each side is so passionate; the problem, rather, is that this process is structurally hostile to sound reasoning and sober judgment.

Elon Musk Prefers Living Inside A Computer Game To God

If our transhuman overlords are interested in running simulations in order to learn things about humanity, why run the simulations with characters who are conscious of pain?

4 Biggest Headlines Heading Into The NBA Finals

This year in the NBA finals: A rematch of the game’s two biggest stars on the game’s biggest stage.

How Brussels Will Affect The U.S. Presidential Race

Voters think Ted Cruz is very competitive with Donald Trump at being tough on terrorism.

Donald Trump Will Get Out The Vote—For Democrats

No other candidate in the field can match — let alone eclipse — Hillary Clinton’s abiding unpopularity like Donald Trump can.

How Trumpism Emulates Megachurches

Donald Trump supporters think it’s more important to be part of a movement than they care to analyze whether that movement will get them to the place they want to be.

Don’t Like Trump? Then Stop Watching And Clicking On Him

If viewers didn’t care about Donald Trump, the media would turn their attention to something else.

The 411 On Iowa Caucus Night

Here’s what the Iowa caucus-goers are like who reportedly will hand Donald Trump a win on February 1.

Why Obama’s Rhetoric Fails

President Obama’s rhetoric is wildly out of step with his performance. That’s why people like to listen to him but don’t believe a word he says.

Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Care That Everyone Thinks She’s A Liar

Because she’ll probably get elected anyway.

Top 10 Storylines To Watch This NBA Season

The West will be a bloodbath, MVP likelies, and more out of the NBA season that opens tonight.

In Defense Of Pop Music

The point of pop is fun. So it doesn’t matter if it’s not brainy. It’s candy, not a meal.

Yes, Attaining The American Dream Is Still Possible

Understanding the American Dream properly is crucial for empowering those struggling to get over the poverty line.

Don’t Let Cecile Richards’ Extremist Attacks Trick You

In defending Planned Parenthood’s baby-parts trafficking, Cecile Richards is employing rhetorical tactics meant to make you feel without thinking.

5 Things Matt Yglesias Gets Wrong About Automation

The kind of artificial intelligence that could displace most human work is not right around the corner. What is? Severe economic disruption due to increasing automation.