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Breaking News Alert Weiss Charges Hunter Biden With Three Tax Felonies But Ignores Foreign Influence-Peddling To Protect Joe

Hemingway: Republicans Are Sick To Death Of Establishment’s Impotence, Fecklessness, Weakness


“The Republican voters are sick to death of Republican leadership, their fecklessness, their impotence, their weakness. They have no problem coming together to pass a spending bill for Ukraine, but they can’t do anything that the base actually wants or needs,” Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway said on Fox News’s “Special Report.”

“They can’t fight the media. They can’t fight their Democrat opponents. And so whoever gets [the speakership] — it will likely be Kevin McCarthy — they need to understand that there is such deep frustration and anger in the base of the Republican Party. They need Republican leadership to act in a much more competent and focused way that benefits their voters.”