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Dana Loesch On DeSantis Supporters Joining Trump And Biden’s Biggest 2024 Advantage


Federalist D.C. Columnist Eddie Scarry interviewed author and iHeart Radio host Dana Loesch this week. Here’s what Loesch had to say:

On the continuing rift between Team Trump and Team DeSantis: “No one wants to see phallus measuring contests between influencers or wannabe influencers on social media. They really don’t. And they’ve got to get over it because we have to win in 2024.”

Biden’s biggest advantage going into 2024: “Republican incompetence. That’s his biggest advantage going into 2024. The Republican Party, conservatives, should be winning on issues like the border. We see what’s happening at the border. With the economy. Even foreign policy… Those are issues that Republicans could be winning on, and they’re not.”

On mail-in voting: “Where they allow it, Republicans should be all over it and taking advantage of it to the point that the left wants to get rid of it.”

What a successful second Trump administration looks like: “I think the border and the economy. To cement his legacy, he entered this as an immigration president, as a border president. That’s how he started all of this. … I think cementing his legacy starts with returning to that, returning to that position of strength.”