Zachary D. Schmoll
Zachary D. Schmoll

Zak Schmoll is the founder of Entering the Public Square, a blog founded on the sincere belief that every Christian should understand the importance of discussing Christianity in the marketplace of ideas. He is a PhD student in humanities at Faulkner University. Zak is also an editor and contributor to An Unexpected Journal.

How ‘Family Ties’ Can Lift America In A Way ‘Roseanne’ Never Could

Even if the critics of ‘Roseanne’ were way off-base, the fact remains the politics of the show caused people to turn off the TV and otherwise disengage with the message.

‘The Last Jedi’s’ Fatal Flaw Is Destroying Luke Skywalker’s Heroism

Luke Skywalker could be the hero of the story, except for him there were no stakes. There is no risk, and without risk, there is no glory.

Why It’s Incoherent To Support Euthanasia And Oppose Suicide

Society teaches it is unacceptable for someone to choose to terminate his or her life when he or she is a teenager enduring bullying. It’s impossible to believe this and support euthanasia.

Abortion Split Between Bernie Sanders And Tom Perez Spells Unrest For Democrats

It is clear that the Democratic Party has to choose whether it will be open to abortion limits, but it is not clear which choice will ultimately help them compete politically.

Why Can Rivers Be Granted Legal Personhood But Not Human Babies?

New Zealand and India have granted the rights of personhood to rivers, which means their natural progression must not be hindered by human intervention.

Dutch Doctor Forces Assisted Suicide Dose On Sedated, Protesting Patient

This is the exact opposite of the standard of choice advocated by many proponents of physician-assisted suicide.

To Find Out Whether Outlawing Abortion Hurts Mothers, Look At Data From Chile

The data appears to contradict the idea that either abortion rates remain constant or maternal mortality rises when legal abortions are prohibited.