William Duncan
William Duncan

William C. Duncan is director of Sutherland Institute’s Center for Family and Society and director of the Marriage Law Foundation.

Are Church Shutdowns Legal Or Gross Infringements On Religious Freedom?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, authorities are shutting down churches, and pastors are being arrested. What does the law say about all of this?

Trump’s Religious Liberty Order Preserves An Unequal Legal Climate

The religious liberty of people of faith and the rights of LGBT individuals can be protected at the same time. There is no reason protection cannot accommodate all Americans equally.

3 Reasons Schools Should Make Their Own Trans Policies

Wednesday night the Trump administration reversed the one-size-fits-all approach the Obama administration took last year on student privacy in sex-segregated facilities.

How The Feds Began Rewriting Title IX To Push Trans Policies

The Obama administration’s Title IX regulation changes are nothing short of an attempt to rewrite this venerable statute without congressional oversight.

Is Planned Parenthood Entitled To Taxpayer Money For All Eternity?

It speaks ominously for freedom that it requires months of legal wrangling to determine whether Utah can stop sending taxpayer cash to Planned Parenthood.