Travis Scott
Travis Scott

Travis Scott is a currently a student, freelance writer, and a practicing Latter-Day Saint. Athletic hobbies include martial arts, dance, climbing, and working out at the gym. His other hobbies are reading, hiking, camping, and having good old fashioned conversations with people.

This Black Abolitionist Fought In The Revolutionary War With George Washington

A property owner, abolitionist, renowned veteran, and promoter of education for blacks, Primus Hall was always busy promoting ‘truth and good.’

Meet Crispus Attucks, The Black Patriot Who Opposed The Boston Massacre

While many overlook Crispus Attucks’ contribution to American history, he still provides a powerful example of moral courage we should follow.

The Science Says Putting Women Into Combat Endangers National Security

The question we must ask now is: ‘Will the presence of a woman in combat negatively affect an infantry unit?’ This is the only question that matters in this debate.