Tom Blumer
Tom Blumer

Tom Blumer is a longtime writer on business, economics, and politics, and currently publishes a local magazine in a Cincinnati, Ohio suburb.

The U.S. Economy’s Remarkable Recovery Continues As Biden Plans To Crush It

An astonishing 2.2 million more Americans were working in October than in September, and 1.5 million fewer were unemployed.

New Data Shows A V-Shaped Pandemic Recovery Underway That Biden’s Plans Would End

The third-quarter GDP increase clawed back two-thirds of the combined first- and second-quarter contractions—in just one quarter. If elected, Joe Biden’s policies would reverse this recovery.

Except For Locked-Down Blue States, America’s Economic Recovery From COVID-19 Is Amazingly Strong

The nation’s corporate media have mostly downplayed or ignored the U.S. economy’s remarkable performance following the COVID-19 lockdowns earlier this year.