Timothy Hsiao
Timothy Hsiao

Timothy Hsiao teaches philosophy at Johnson County Community College. He is also a certified firearms instructor. His website is http://timhsiao.org.

A Thinking Person’s Guide To Opposing Racism

Racism is an evil that no society can allow to grow unchecked. In order to properly fight it, however, we need to know what it actually is.

Why Owning A Gun Is A Completely Rational Insurance Policy Against Danger

Owning a gun is like keeping a spare tire in your trunk, a first aid kit at home, or an emergency savings account. We hope never to use them, but we’re glad we have them.

I’m A Professor, And I Carry A Gun On Campus. Here’s Why

Even on the most secure college campus, the police response to an active shooter is measured in minutes. But when seconds matter, it is up to students and faculty to defend their own lives.

If Gun Controllers Followed Their Own Logic, They’d Support Banning Alcohol And Cigarettes, Too

If gun control advocates are really worried about fatality numbers, restrictive firearm policies are not the place to start.

Almost Everything You Know About Alcohol Prohibition Is Wrong

We should stop comparing alcohol prohibition to other kinds of prohibition. Yes, it did fail, but the reasons for its failure cannot be extrapolated to other forms of prohibition.

7 Arguments For Legalizing Marijuana That No One Should Believe

There may be good reasons to legalize marijuana. But if there are, the following arguments shouldn’t be considered to be among them.

No One Has A ‘Right’ To Immigrate Into The United States

This is tantamount to saying that individuals have the right to use and occupy someone else’s property against his will. This is a wholesale denial of property and sovereignty rights.

Why Americans Have A Right To Own Guns Even If That Makes Us Less Safe

Our rights aren’t contingent on a cost-benefit analysis. Whether guns are risky isn’t the point, but whether guns are a reasonable means of self-defense.