Stephen Roberts
Stephen Roberts

Mr. Roberts is a writer and a chaplain in the U.S. Army. His views are his own.

How To Honor The 9/11 Generation Of American Veterans

To our 9/11 generation of veterans: Thank you for hearing your nation’s call to service and keeping us safe. We didn’t forget you.

It’s Not Nancy Pelosi’s Job To Tell Christians What They Are Allowed To Believe

The hypocritical ruling class has a nasty habit of trying to redefine Christian belief and religious practice.

In John Chau, A New Martyr Joins The Throng In Heaven

As details of John Chau’s life and the circumstances of his final days filter in, many Christians are starting to embrace one who considered his life worth nothing to testify to the gospel.

Everybody Has Religious Beliefs, Some People Just Deny It

When politicians argue that we should not ‘legislate morality,’ they are engaging in a theater of the absurd.

What Contempt For Prayer After Mass Shootings Says About Our Society

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined in: ‘We need to do more than just pray for the victims and the families…[but] step up and make sure this tragedy is never repeated.’

Somebody Has To Ration Health Care. Should It Be You Or Government?

We can’t meet every health need because every single person in this world is deteriorating. Someone must make decision about when health care is worthwhile and when it is not.

If Hillary’s Health Makes Her Like President Wilson, We’re In Big Trouble

There are a number of eerie parallels between the health of Hillary Clinton and that of another progressive political figure, President Woodrow Wilson.

How 9/11 Turned Me Into A Soldier

My younger brother was locked down at his high school while my older brother in Eighty-Second Airborne was getting the news that would eventually lead to war.

What Makes America Strong

The strength of America is rooted in her written Constitution, as well as the unwritten one carried within the hearts of her people.

U.S. Soldier To Donald Trump: ‘Hell No, Sir’

American soldiers’ conscience and training commits them to a moral purpose higher than Donald Trump’s megalomaniacal ambitions, which he said would force them to break the law.

Jesus Isn’t Voting For Ted Cruz (Or Anyone Else)

Candidates should not employ their faith to rally voters to polls, claim a moral high ground over tax policy, or justify types of political discourse.

Sarah Palin Makes The Primary Worse For Conservatives

Sarah Palin has decided to endorse Donald Trump in the primary, although he’s waged political war against the Tea Party she has long represented.