Sean Ross Callaghan
Sean Ross Callaghan

Sean Ross Callaghan is an attorney and a former law clerk for a U.S. District Court judge. He served in the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, and in the DC Attorney General’s office as an assistant attorney general. Follow him on Twitter @seanrcallaghan.

Amy Coney Barrett Is A Defender Of Government By The People, Not By Bureaucrats

A Supreme Court Justice Barrett will moderate the administrative state at both the judicial and executive level. Doing so will unify the nation.

Why Supporting Free Association For Cake Bakers Doesn’t License Discrimination Against Sarah Sanders

A restauranteur most certainly cannot refuse service to anyone she doesn’t like. Not in this country.

Robert Mueller Spent $4.5 Million On Russiagate Without A Congressional Appropriation

Whether for a new park in a powerful congressman’s home district or for a special counsel, the country’s checks mustn’t clear unless Congress actually says they should.