Sanford Horn
Sanford Horn
Amidst Continuous Labor Disputes And Bickering, The MLB Strikes Out

If Major League Baseball wants to remain America’s pastime, millionaire owners and players should remember who pays their salaries. Let’s play ball!

Left Jumps Trump For Saying What Democrats Have Said About Baltimore For Years

It’s time to put aside partisan bickering and racism accusations. Like Trump or hate him, the fact is that the past 60 years in Baltimore have been a dismal failure.

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Shun Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference

The ever-growing list of Democratic candidates seeking their party’s nomination matches the list of those choosing to eschew the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Like The Jewish People, The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Is A Canary In The Coal Mine

For millennia, the Jewish people have been the canary in the coal mine. There’s never an off-season for anti-Semitism.