Samuel Gregg
Samuel Gregg

Samuel Gregg is research director at the Acton Institute and author of “For God and Profit: How Banking and Finance Can Serve the Common Good” (2016).

Tocqueville’s Private Thoughts About The French Revolution Revealed

Newly translated and carefully edited, ‘Recollections’ contains Tocqueville’s thoughts ‘in the raw’ as a participant in the upheavals that shook France between 1848 and 1853.

Pope Francis Hates Populism, Except When He Loves It

Pope Francis recently told Germany’s leading liberal newspaper Die Zeit that ‘Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past century shows.’ Except he doesn’t think that.

How Tocqueville Schooled Bernie Sanders 200 Years Ago

Bernie Sanders appears to think all we need to be happy is more money. Alexis de Tocqueville dismantled that idea two centuries ago.

What Pope Francis Will See When He Visits America

Economist Jeffery Sachs says Pope Francis will find a consumerist, vice-addled, selfish America. He’s wrong.