Samuel Buntz
Samuel Buntz

Sam Buntz is a writer based in Connecticut. His work has appeared in The Federalist, The Washington Monthly, and Pop Matters. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, his writing often focuses on the intersection of religion, politics, and pop culture.

‘The White Album’ Hits Its 50th In The Perfect Moment To Recall Its Release

The classic album was born out of the discord of the late ’60s and The Beatles’ disintegration, and remains poignant in today’s political discord.

The United States Should Stop Humoring China’s Totalitarianism And Embrace India Instead

Close ties between the United States and China have outlasted their purpose and, as the developments at Google show, have proved counterproductive to liberty and human rights.

How To Restore A More Vibrant Meaning To The Concept Of ‘Genius’

A genius shows us ourselves and our world in a way we couldn’t have seen them before, as Harold Bloom has frequently observed.

Why Religious People Should Treat Atheist Podcaster Sam Harris As A Valuable Adversary

In our time, the battle against nihilism looms larger than any squabble between rationalists like Sam Harris and the moderately religious.

Thanks To This Icon Carver’s Videos, YouTube Is Fueling A Christian Renaissance

By permitting a venue for views outside the mainstream, YouTube is letting some of the most ancient and venerable traditions sneak in through the ‘out’ door.

How Sex Robots Will Annihilate Our Sense Of Reality

It is much more depressing to imagine this sex robot manufacturer’s version of his customers than to imagine horny idiots who just want to have sex with a humanoid hunk of plastic.

It’s America’s Fault Axe Deodorant Champions Wimpy Men

The cheerfully dumb Axe that blatantly but sensibly used sex to sell deodorant is no more. Its markedly different tack is a tragic commentary on our times.

America’s STD Epidemic Should Be Much Bigger News

Marriage repays by allowing you to see poetry everywhere, whereas Tinder-based hedonism repays with a burning sensation experienced during urination.

The Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalos Are Hungering Not Just For Food But For Faith

‘Juggalos’ are fans of the white rap duo Insane Clown Posse. Their march on Washington has greater implications for religion and social class in America than many realize.

Watching William Friedkin’s Documentary About Exorcism Can Make You Believe In God

The fear of cosmic evil—of evil that is more than just bad neural wiring in the brain of a murderer—is innate within us all. It is a healthy and sane emotion.

Both The Radical Left And White Nationalists Have False Visions Of Western Civilization

The white supremacist pose towards cultural ‘defense’ is a shame and a sham, while the project of defending civilization against ignorance and decadence is well worth pursuing.