Samantha Strayer
Samantha Strayer
Samantha Strayer

Samantha Strayer is a freelance writer whose interests include Abraham Lincoln, the intersection of politics and culture, and charter schools.

Trump Should Let Biden Lose The Election All By Himself

Whether there is a second or third presidential debate before Election Day, when Biden is Biden—uninterrupted, unprotected, on and off prompter—it reveals so much.

Joe Biden Isn’t Running For President, His Teleprompter Is

Joe Biden has regressed to the point of reading cues out loud, giving hand signals to scroll up the text, and botching words as they appear on the screen.

Contradictory Attacks On Trump Expose The Media’s Hollow Echo Chamber

Prime society to believe patriotic citizens are repugnant at best and evil at worst, and you have an all-too-willing host for parasitic false narratives the media and others mercilessly repeat.

There’s No Way Hillary Is More Conservative Than Trump

That Donald Trump is not your typical conservative is a feature, not a bug. And it certainly doesn’t mean Hillary is the better choice.

Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Vote Trump

Bernie Sanders is going to flame out. Donald Trump, however, is just lighting up.

Trump’s Not Going Anywhere, So Start Taking Him Seriously

Ignoring Donald Trump won’t work. He’s a legitimate ratings machine and remains the clear frontrunner despite every effort to take him down.

What Our Presidents’ Thanksgiving Proclamations Tell Us About America

Compare George Washington’s proclamation of a day for national thanksgiving with President Obama’s. You will find three notable differences.

Donald Trump Presents The Political Opportunity Of A Generation

Donald Trump is not what our Founders had in mind. But maybe he is who we need, at just this moment, to move this nation toward wholeness.