Robert Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman is an award-winning space historian and space
journalist. His classic history of the Apollo 8 mission to the Moon, “Genesis: the Story of Apollo 8,” is available as an ebook, and has also been released as an audiobook to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that triumphant achievement. He reports daily on the space industry at his website Behind the Black.

Trump’s Promising New Space Plan Won’t Work Without Cutting The Pork

There’s a lot to love about President Trump’s new NASA plans, but more private help and fewer spending binges are necessary to ensure that America wins the new space race.

Congress Needs To Stop Pouring Money Into NASA’s Contractor Black Hole

It will take NASA more than 20 years and $40 billion to fly one manned mission. That’s not including the almost $18 billion NASA will spend to build the Orion capsule that will fly on that mission.