Robert Delahunty
Robert Delahunty
Robert Delahunty

Robert J. Delahunty is a professor of law at the University of St Thomas and has taught Constitutional Law there for 15 years.

No, The New Zealand Shooter Was Not A Nationalist

It is implausible to claim that the murders of these innocent Muslim victims were caused by nationalism. Rather, it appears to be the work of a kind of globalist.

Trump’s Down, But Not Out For The Re-Election Count. Here’s His Game Plan

President Trump can come back and win a smashing victory again if he promotes his signature issues from last year, trade above all. He should also weaponize tax reform against his enemies.

The UK Election Means Voters Want Moderation, Not Socialism

American conservatives should indeed study the British election closely. They should not, however, be disheartened by it.

How ‘Submission’ To Islam Could Save Europe

A new novel hauntingly examines how submission to something higher that one’s self meets the deepest human needs that progressives insist on waving away.

John Kerry And The Iraqi Genocide

The United States has a legal obligation to prevent ISIS from committing genocide.

Three Reasons Douthat Is Right (And Posner Is Wrong) On Impeachment

While impeachment is unlikely, liberals would never have allowed a President Romney to refuse the president’s Constitution-bound duty to enforce U.S. laws.