Richard Tren
Richard Tren

Richard Tren is a co-founder of Africa Fighting Malaria, a public health advocacy group.

We Can Fight Pandemics Without The Communist-Allied World Health Organization

Bruce Aylward’s Taiwan question-dodging stunt is just the latest in a long line of instances of the WHO putting politics ahead of good policy.

Opponents Of Genetically Modified Mosquitos Offer No Alternative To Letting The Poor Die

Far from cheering on technologies that might save human lives, environmentalists are repeating tactics employed in the 1960s against the desperately needed malaria control efforts of the day.

If Food Writing Makes You Feel Victimized, You Need To Get Some Perspective

Food photographer Celeste Noche was most recently annoyed by food blogger Andrew Zimmern for featuring a picture of Filipino short ribs with some chopsticks.

How Environmentalists Opened The Door For Zika

Environmental campaigners in the 1960s and ’70s pushed to halt the use of DDT, effectively shutting down mosquito control programs.