Rebeccah Heinrichs
Rebeccah Heinrichs
Rebeccah Heinrichs

Rebeccah Heinrichs is a fellow at the Hudson Institute, specializing in missile defense and nuclear deterrence. Follow her on Twitter @RLHeinrichs.

Defense Secretary: Media’s Anti-Trump Hysteria Kept Troops From Stopping Jan. 6 Riot Faster

Corporate media’s irresponsible and dishonest ‘reporting’ during the Trump administration had an adverse impact on officials’ decisions—and to tragic effect, testified Chris Miller Wednesday.

How The United States Can Avert War By Backing Taiwan Peacefully Now

As the CCP remains determined to replace the United States, the communist regime thinks it sees an opening to swallow Taiwan.

China Has Done Nothing But Lie About COVID, So Stop Taking Its Claims Seriously

The Chinese Communist Party is suppressing real information about COVID-19 and punishing people and countries that demand to know the truth.

No, Trump Should Not Pardon National Disgrace Edward Snowden

Trump once called Edward Snowden a traitor who embarrasses the United States, and he was right. Pardoning Snowden would be an affront to Trump’s America-first agenda.

Why Foreign Nations Seeking Freedom Love Trump’s Foreign Policy

The Trump administration has disrupted international affairs, but that disruption has brought significant achievements.

Former Secret Service Director Debunks The Atlantic’s Flimsy Trump Hit Piece

The Atlantic’s article is evocative, but it provides no named sources. Some who were there have disputed the claims on the record. Add one more to the list. 

What Americans Can Learn From Taiwan, Hong Kong, And Macau About Limiting Coronavirus

We treasure our civil liberties and aren’t going to sign up to permit the government to track our movements, but we can learn from the principles applied by Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Big Things To Think About Now That We’ve Terminated A Top Iranian General

At the order of President Trump, the U.S. has eliminated by military strike the top general of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, Qassem Suleimani.

Mike Pompeo’s Meeting With Putin Highlights Trump’s Reversal Of Obama’s Russia Failures

Despite the conspiracy theory that the American president was a Russian stooge, the Trump administration has pursued an agenda that the Russians and Democrats have long opposed.

After Trump’s Walkout, What Comes Next In The U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations?

Trump is smartly maintaining economic sanctions on North Korea, but Kim is taking no steps toward denuclearization. Here’s what the U.S. should try next.

Why Breaking With Saudi Arabia Over Khashoggi Would Hurt America

It is not too strong to say Saudi Arabia is our most important strategic partner in mitigating and rolling back Iran’s power and malign activities.

Bolton Speech Underscores Trump Administration Putting America First On The Global Stage

The Trump administration is taking stock of agreements and treaties that do not serve American interests first.

Why It’s Justified To Strike Syria Again For Using Chemical Weapons

Syria in 2018 is not Iraq in 2003 and a response to Bashar Al-Assad’s chemical weapons is not deposing Saddam Hussein.

5 Times The Obama Administration Helped Russia At The United States’ Expense

There has been no indication that the Trump administration’s policies are influenced by Russian preferences. There are plenty, however, that President Obama’s policies were.

Media Fakes Daylight Between Trump And Mattis On North Korea, Trans Troops

No, the secretary of Defense is not leading or participating in a cabinet-level coup against the duly elected president of the United States.

Protesters Shut Out War Hero Jim Webb For Critiquing Women In Combat 40 Years Ago

Jim Webb has been pushed out of an award for pointing out that women aren’t as well-suited for combat as men. Apparently some female soldiers can’t handle ideas they don’t like.

Rex Tillerson In His Own Words On America’s Biggest Foreign Policy Challenges

Over the course of the lengthy hearing, his testimony painted a coherent picture of what a Rex Tillerson-style American foreign policy might look like.

5 Myths About Edward Snowden The Movie Reinforces

There isn’t a particular NSA program that keeps Oliver Stone’s Edward Snowden up at night. It’s the NSA’s very mission: maintaining global superiority for the United States.

5 Reasons To Stop Kidding Yourself That Hillary Is Better Than Donald

Donald Trump may be a loon. But Hillary Clinton is worse.

4 Reasons General James Mattis Should Be President

The great challenge for America is that men like General James Mattis don’t want to run for political office. And who could blame them?