Phil Kerpen
Phil Kerpen

Phil Kerpen is president of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity and co-editor of its daily Hotline. He has four children and his father was hospitalized for COVID-19 in March.

New York Times-Hyped Korean Report Actually Shows Kids Are Not Spreading Coronavirus

Despite the study showing the exact opposite, the New York Times pushed a screaming headline that a new report proves kids ages 10-19 are highly infectious.

To Smear Trump, Media Lies About Kayleigh McEnany’s School Reopening Comments

This isn’t news coverage, it is distortion and propaganda. And they did it with clear knowledge and malicious intent.

Stop Fear-Mongering: Kids Are Safer From Covid-19 Than Everyone Else

The coronavirus news for kids has been overwhelmingly positive, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo is feeding fear by raising a tenuously connected specter of Kawasaki disease for children.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Congress’s Latest Coronavirus Spending Bill

Republicans and Democrats finally stopped squabbling long enough to spend an estimated $2 trillion on what they claim is emergency coronavirus relief.

Trump Should End Obama’s Bailout of Congress’s Health Care

The taxpayer health care bailout for members of Congress is very real, worth about $12,000 per year for each lawmaker, and utterly indefensible legally or politically.

The MacArthur Amendment Carves Congress Into Obamacare, Not Out, And It Should Stay That Way

The MacArthur Amendment gets it right by guaranteeing Congress has to stay in the Obamacare exchange as long as such a thing exists.

Malevolent Billionaire Announces Voter Suppression Scheme

A billionaire Democrat donor announces a scheme for suppressing Republican votes. Does anyone care?

Valerie Jarrett Delivers Insurance Company Bailouts

The big health insurance companies who wrote, lobbied, and advertised for Obamacare are now holding insurance premiums hostage for more government bailouts.

Actually, Obamacare State Exchanges Have Wasted $1.2 Billion

How much of your Federal taxpayer money went to these states for their failed and failing Obamacare exchanges?