Peter Suciu
Peter Suciu
Peter Suciu

Peter Suciu has been a full time freelance writer since 2001, and his work has appeared in more than three dozen outlets including,, The Christian Science Monitor and Military Heritage. He regularly reports on such diverse topics as cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles and firearms. After living in New York City for 18 years Peter now resides in Michigan. He is the author of multiple books on the history of military headdress through the ages. Peter can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @BizTechToolsPS.

History Shows That Big, Beautiful Border Walls Work Extremely Well

From the Trojan Wall to Hadrian’s Wall to the Great Wall of China to the Servian Wall, walls are pretty good at keeping people out as well as in.

Is It Always Wrong To Buy And Sell Nazi Memorabilia?

As a collector, I don’t have any appreciation for the Third Reich. I see it as the enemy and its items as ‘war trophies.’ Yet still people question why I do. And I question why video games can do it while I can’t.

Don’t Blame Video Games For Violence, Blame Their Rating System

The video game industry has kept a rating system that is at best outdated and antiquated, and at worst is confusing and completely ineffective.