Paul Jossey
Paul Jossey
Paul Jossey

Paul H. Jossey is a campaign finance attorney who is on Twitter @paulhjossey.

Read A Pile Of Top Nazis Talking About How They Love Leftist Marxism

From the moment they enter the political fray, young right-wingers are told, ‘You own the Nazis.’ Much of the historical record says exactly the opposite.

How Fake ‘Transparency’ Laws Fuel Mobs That Attack Private Citizens For Free Speech

In nonprofit advocacy, disclosure often enables harassment and intimidation for those whose stances clash with nation’s cultural elite.

Despite Investigations, Obama’s IRS Has Never Stopped Targeting Conservatives

The next Tea Party scandal is not only coming, it may already be happening. When it does, the charade will begin anew, and no one will pay a price.

After John Doe Darkness, A New Dawn In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s John Doe story shows what can happen when laws gag citizens and shield the powerful, and the reform possible when victims fight back.

Conservatives Beware: The Speech Police Are Coming For You

We now know about the government’s history of harassing conservative groups, but we’re hardly free from the unlawful policing of speech by the IRS and DOJ.

Free Speech For Me, But Not For Thee

Progressives have successfully transformed the First Amendment’s restrictions on government into an instrument of government speech control.

Inside The Dark-Money Consortium Backing Hillary Clinton

A cabal of Democrat-run organizations is pushing both Hillary Clinton for president and limits on the kind of campaign spending they gleefully employ.

Don’t Let Prosecutors Terrorize Citizens Under Secret Charges

Last year’s predawn raids against Wisconsin conservatives and subsequent legal harassment from prosecutors suggest a police state.

The Government’s War on Speech: Citizens United at Five

The backlash against the Citizens United decision has unleashed systematic government hostility toward the free-speech rights of its citizens.