Patrick Hedger
Patrick Hedger

Patrick Hedger is vice president of policy at Taxpayers Protection Alliance.

Higher Taxes On Home Deliveries Are The Last Thing Americans Need Right Now

The last thing struggling Americans need is anything that makes life more inconvenient or expensive. These proposals are unfair and counterproductive.

Leftists Are The Economic Science Deniers

Several major Obama administration positions fly in the face of widely accepted economic theories, even those taught in Economics 101. This includes climate change.

Let’s Reclaim November For Giving Thanks, Not Greed

Life is short, as the Paris attacks have shown. Use it to do something bigger than whining about minor irritations, as November traditionally reminds us.

Has Congress Gone Deaf On Deficits?

Federal deficits have temporarily declined, so some in Congress want to party on by spending even more decades of future tax revenues.

It’s Time For Conservatives To Reject Donald Trump

Donald Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s a blowhard.

Washington Post Misleads On Arizona Teacher Exodus

In Arizona, as elsewhere, schools have plenty of money. They’re just not spending it on teachers.