Patrice Lee Onwuka
Patrice Lee Onwuka

Patrice Lee Onwuka is a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum.

Reforming Occupational Licensing In Reopening Plans Would Benefit Everyone

By including occupational licensing reforms among their reopening strategies, states can strengthen their workforces during this time of crisis and beyond.

Serena Williams Swings But Misses With Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Sex- and race-based discrimination are not necessarily behind the pay gap for black women, but rather the honorable career choices that they make to help others including their families.

The Scariest Part Of Halloween Is The Cultural Appropriation Police

Disney recalled their Maui boys’ costume after outrage erupted on social media that the full-length brown trousers, long-sleeve shirt covered in ‘tattoos,’ and skirt of leaves was racist.