Nicholas Rizzuto
Nicholas Rizzuto

Nick Rizzuto is the Supervising Producer of Real News on TheBlaze TV. Follow him @Nick_Rizzuto.

Would General George Washington Approve Of Today’s Torture Policies?

Our nation’s first president had some direct things to say about torture, but its use in his time was different than its use today.

True Detective, Breaking Bad, And The Sequelization of America

If storytelling is an endless conveyor belt, then closure is a foreign concept.

Is All Internet Data Created Equal?

A federal court’s recent decision to strike down the FCC’s net neutrality rules has brought the controversial regulation back into the national spotlight.

Hey Randians, There’s More To Life Than Economics

Attributing America’s success to strong communal bonds isn’t a deviation from conservatism or the vision of the founders. To the contrary, denying them is the true deviation.

The Real Problem: A Nation Divided Against Itself

The type of state we’ve created over the past century is increasingly at odds with the style of government we have.

First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Scientists

Malthus’ heirs have had a long and poor track record when it comes to their doomsday predictions.

Hail To The King!

In a day and age when democracy and freedom have become almost synonymous, can monarchy and liberty coexist? What’s so bad about a well-meaning king?