Matthew Rousu
Matthew Rousu

Matthew Rousu is a professor of economics at Susquehanna University. He blogs at

Changing These Two Laws Would Appropriately Commemorate MLK Day

A day spent not working is a bad tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. We should instead provide more opportunities for African-Americans, and all Americans, to lead productive lives.

What TV’s ‘Suits’ Tells Us About The Job Market

The show “Suits” is based on a true premise about government: A third party, one that doesn’t have your interests in mind, wants to restrict your rights.

No, Casinos Do Not Create Cultural Wastelands

Most people who gamble don’t experience serious negative consequences. And neither do the communities where casinos are built.

What Poker Teaches Us

While other forms of gambling are useful, none offers the opportunity to develop real world skills like poker.